Contradictions Galore

Lance Ralston| Calvary Chapel In Oxnard

Progressive Wokeism is filled with contradictions. For example …

There’s no objective truth. Truth is whatever an individual chose to be true. But we’re all supposed to accept that’s the nature of truth. So, there’s at least one objective truth. Which means the original premise is false.

Huh. Here’s another.

A man can identify as a woman, and we’re all supposed to accept that he’s a woman because gender has been untethered from biology. Under wokeism, what a person wants to be true trumps facts. But, unlike gender, race is indelible. Whites can’t identify as people of color. They are locked into their racial identity and assigned a bevy of attributes they can do little about. This despite the fact race is a far less certain attribute than gender. Biologically, male and female are clear cut categories. Race is an altogether different mater, as the simplest DNA test reveals. 

Wokeism tells me, a white male, I’m able to identify as a woman, but not as a black woman. I’m allowed the one misnomer but not the other because one fits the Woke narrative while the other violates it.

And that’s the point. Getting Woke means setting aside reason to adopt a set of beliefs detached from reality. And it’s why Wokesters won’t engage in debate. They can’t sustain their position in the face of logic.

Lance Ralston Is the  Founding and Lead Pastor Calvary Chapel in Oxnard. He is the author of  “The Place Of Faith In Shaping Political Views” and a regular contributor to Citizens Journal.

2 Timothy 1:12

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