Control of Conejo Unified School Board Shifts

By George Miller

In a hotly competitive race, new candidates took over the Conejo Valley Unified School Board. Incumbent Mike Dunn, who pushed parental control and was censured for pressuring a left wing blogger opponent, is out, after many years. Cindy Goldberg (20.21%), Jenny Fitzgerald (18.42%) and and Bill Gorback (17.14%) are ahead so far.  Amy Chen (15.97%), Angie Simpson (12.88%) and Mike Dunn (12,63%) trail, with Patrisssha Rose Booker and Marlon Delano Williams far behind.

The new Board would consist of them and incumbents Sandy Everett and Betsy Connolly. John Andersen and Phelps did not run for re-election. The new board composition would suggest a turn away from parental control and board influence on curricula and reading materials.


Keep in mind that all  votes are not not counted- these are NOT final figures. Check for updates: Source

 11/7/2018 12:00:13 AM PST



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  1. William Hicks November 7, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Quite a mixed bag. The primary one in the group is Amy Chin.


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