Convicted felon arrested by Oxnard PD for possession of loaded .32 caliber handgun

On October 20, 2015, Tuesday at approximately 3:30pm, officers from the District Four Community Policing Team contacted a group of subjects in a carport where gang and narcotic activity exists.

Jose Luis Ortiz, a 37 year old Oxnard resident, was contacted and was in possession of a loaded .32 auto caliber handgun. Ortiz had a prior felony conviction in 2006 for possession for sales of a controlled substance. Two other subjects were cited for other violations.

This is part of the District 4 Community Policing Strategy which is focused in the Southwinds Neighborhood. The Oxnard Police Department Community Policing efforts are focused on the reduction of crimes, improving the quality of life of residents and the forming of partnerships with members of the community. Residents are reminded to report any suspicious activity or crimes which have been witnessed.


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