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    Coronavirus- DON’T Do This!

    By Tom Dunn 

    A friend that I communicate with told me that he thought the Coronavirus was over-hyped and not nearly as bad as the flu and that the stay at home order was totally out of line.  He told me yesterday that his daughter and husband who live with him went to a wedding and the reception at Point Mugu for the marriage of a sailor and his bride.  He did not know when and where the sailor had been or with whom and they were among around 50 people at the wedding.  

    His daughter and husband came back home that night not knowing anything about the people that were around and if any of the attendees were carriers of coronavirus.  He said he wanted to meet with me today but I told him no way due to the Governors Emergency Stay at Home and the possibility  his daughter and husband could have contacted the virus but wouldn’t know for another week before symptoms showed up.  

    My wife and I, her granddaughter and 3 year old great-granddaughter live together and are strictly abiding by the Governor’s guidelines.  While it puts a different aspect on our lives, it does provide protection and will hopefully protect us until a solution is found.  Does anyone else have a better idea?  

    Please make decisions that do the best to protect you and your family, relatives and friends. Don’t do what my friend and let let your loved ones go to  Better Safe than Sorry. 

    Tom Dunn -is Publisher of Hueneme Voice/ Oxnard Voice

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    2 years ago

    Thankfully some people ARE taking this seriously, because SO MANY are not. I totally agree with you not wanting to meet ANYONE, let alone be around the people who were at the wedding(family or not!) People just are not getting it, for whatever reason. They think we are over doing it, or being paranoid, or that it’s some kind of “fake news”. I am truly concerned this may be like a major “extermination” for a lot of us. I hope that’s not the case, but if more people don’t take it serious and STAY HOME, we are in for way worse than we can imagine. So thank you Tom Dunn for your story. I hope it will enlighten more people to what it means to isolate.

    2 years ago

    My Husband and I are in our home and are fortunate to have very good friends Accross the street. Though we haven’t all had dinner together in over a week we are definitely staying home, I’ve gone on a couple of grocery runs with nitrile gloves, a mask, and hand sanitizer. This is a very serious situation. STAY THE F-CK HOME

    2 years ago

    You are absolutely doing the right thing. My neighbor is a funeral director and I was just chatting with him outside at a safe distance. This a lot worse than people think. Follow the guidelines. Be safe

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