Council turns blind eye to Camarillo Ranch Foundation losses




By Lori McVicker 

In this year’s Camarillo Ranch Foundation Board (CRFB) presentation of their annual report to the City Council on April 22nd, cialis  CC IV A CAMARILLO RANCH FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT the CRFB didn’t mention at all the latest audited financial statements showing that the CRF lost $183, medicine 000 in the FYE 6/30/2014.Audited 2014 CRF financial statements Instead, tadalafil they included a nine month financial statement ending 3/31/2015 that showed a supposed profit of $1,250. The CRF President, the City Manager and the City Council were all warned a few days before the City Council meeting that over $30,000 of expenses were missing from those financials in the CRF report. The CRFB didn’t withdraw the incorrect report. Neither did the City Council question the errors in the financials. The City Council just voted 5-0 to accept the incorrect report.  The Council seemed more perturbed that they had got complaints about the CRF Report than the incorrect information. No one spoke of any dollar amounts lost out at the Ranch by the CRFB.

The City Council along with the CRFB seems to have a continuing problem with transparency. CRFB Minutes, Agendas, Audited financial statements, etc. are not on the Foundation’s website, just pictures of its board members are there. The residents of Camarillo subsidize the CRF by paying maintenance expenses of over $100k each year and by letting the CRF operate a business rent free. Despite these advantages, they are losing money. CRFB fundraising events were also pitiful in 2014 with a total gain from ALL events of just $1,687. Again, there was no discussion about this CRFB failure during its annual report to the City Council. It was as if no one would notice and it would be the City Council and CRFB’s secret.

In the last three years there have been six managers or interim managers at the CRF and five of them are gone. It seems time to get out of the wedding business. It loses money and exposes our beautiful 1892 Queen Anne lady to untold risk. Just use it for community fundraising, such as the Meadowlark’s and Hospice’s events.

Photo: Here Comes the Guide

Setup for wedding    Photo: Here Comes the Guide

Regarding that risk to our community gem, over the last few months, there’s been reports of $500 stolen from the ranch office (just like three years ago), someone breaking into the gift shop and most disturbing, a person passing out in the Ranch House, waking up locked in and causing about $1,000 in vandalism. These disturbing stories also were not discussed nor were they denied at the City Council meeting even as the City Council was alerted to them before the meeting. The CRFB are the guardians of this historic treasure. Camarillo residents have reason to be concerned.

Please note that the CRFB report was buried with the Consent Items approved by the City Council: Agenda

Council Meeting Video: April 122nd, 2015



Lori McVicker has resided in Camarillo for 30+ years, is a former business owner (florist), former Ranch volunteer and currently a homemaker and community volunteer 

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interesting article from some one that has been active, in the past, at the Camarillo Ranch. It appears puzzling why the council members did not inquire more closely the Ranch financial statements. Its my understanding that taxpayer $s are and have been subsidizing the Ranch operation. so I would assume that council members, suspecting that the Ranch F/S might not accurately reflect the Ranch operation, would ask more questions at a public hearing. When taypayer $s are involved, I would think that elected officials would more adequately review the efficiency of the Ranch operation. Does not look like that is happening at the Ranch.