Court battle to restore citizens right to run for the public office of elected County Sheriff.

 Press Release Feb. 11th, 2019- Bruce Boyer for Sheriff


The County of Ventura, at the expense of the taxpayers, has filed it’s reply to our brief, and we have filed our response. The case is now fully briefed. The case is set for oral arguments Court of Appeal; Feb 13th, 1;30PM; 200 E. Santa Clara St. in Ventura.

 The County, chose to not even attempt to rebut our argument that the CA Legislature has no authority to impose a ‘ballot requirement” over what is specified in our CA Constitution. The CA Constitution calls for the ‘election of County Sheriffs’. Period. No ‘law’ may change that. The CA Constitution is also quite clear in “Article 1 Section 7(b) A citizen or class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens.” The CA Constitution calls for the ‘election of county sheriffs’. There are no ‘qualifications’ as to who may run as all adult citizens have the right to run for all public offices.

The County failed to even attempt to rebut our citing of three different cases that confirm that it is the right of the citizens to run for public office.

The County refused to even attempt to rebut our citing of Baca v. Los Angeles that confirmed that not even a ballot initiative can impose a requirement on the elected office of County Sheriff.  

 The County refused to attempt to rebut our citing of the Colorado case that an elected Sheriff may not be ‘required” to be ‘certified” in way other than to be elected to be the County Sheriff and receive the compensation for that office.

 The County tries to argue that a case filed by a presumptive write-in candidate, who acted as his own attorney, who argued a vague right to have his votes be counted as a ’free speech issue”. The County’s only argument, that they make over and over… is that the County Clerk, Mark Lunn, has a legal responsibility to carry out the law. We do not disagree, we only argue that the ‘law” is unconstitutional.  We now wait on a trial date: Without wanting to seem overconfident, we are however extremely confident that we will prevail. No doubt the County will appeal to the State Supreme Court. We will prevail, the County just wishes to continue to deny the citizens their right to run fro ALL public offices and vote for the candidates of THEIR choice. The County BofS seems most willing to spend ALL of our tax dollars to pursue this.

 We expect that this ruling , s the law was Statewide, will result in the Court finding that ALL County Sheriff elections results as invalid. Expect 58 statewide County Sheriff elections with public citizens on the ballot!

 For more details refer to previous press releases, of contact me.

In Liberty, and still the “Second worst choice for Ventura County Sheriff”;

Bruce Boyer candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

[email protected] (805) 339-9202

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Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff
Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff
2 years ago

The Appellate Court was not at all ‘friendly” in ‘oral arguments’ which was not arguments but ‘philosophical questions” from the Court… The best question posed was as to whether a justice’s grandson, who is five, could then ‘run for sheriff”? Clearly the justices think that a five year old can be a registered voter as is required for ALL candidates.. They are clearly concerned that you, the voters, are so stupid that YOU cannot be trusted to vote for the best candidate in that you just might elect a five year old… stupid voters… Cannot be trusted! Better have ‘qualifications” that exclude 99.8% of the adult citizens from being able to run for a ‘public office’… Because that meets the created std. of ‘least restrictive”… A std that excludes 99.8% of the voters from running for a public office would be hard to argue that a more restrictive std. could be created.. The 2nd ‘best” question alluded to the requirement for ‘barbers” as they must be ‘certified’ so why allow non ‘certified” persons t to run for office? I could NOT make this stuff up! Yes, we were in front of four justices of the CA Court of Appeals who were making these comments/questions! The win is that: as to previous court rulings as to this; the law; that the existing law codifies previous discrimination and codifies ongoing discrimination and arbitrary stds. the Constitution; our system of a govt. of, by and for the people ALL on our side. The Justices do not ‘like ‘ the idea of us regular citizens running for ‘elite positions” like judge… so they throw verbal crap at us… Kids throwing fits…In the end they will have to uphold the law; though they do NOT like it! Liberty and justice WILL prevail! You know I will not quit and the enemies of our liberty WILL be defeated IF we fight!