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    Author:   J. J. A. S. Viera; Ph. D.
    Throughout these past eighteen months having Covid 19 for breakfast, lunch and supper, I can’t but ask if we are in the right track?

    The answer depends if you are in Group A (an “expert”, part of main stream media, a big pharma executive), or in group B (a damn illiterate anti-vaccination rebel).

    Group A believe that there is a calamity out there; the worse human kind have ever confronted, direr than the bubonic plague. They are convinced that humanity will be decimated, unless every single soul is vaccinated.
     Is that really the case?
    By July 2021, the Percent of Covid Deaths to Total World Population was 0.5 and for the USA 0.18.

    Well, if 0.5 of one percent of the word populace and 0.18 of one percent of the USA population have die “because” of the virus, it does not look like Armageddon! 

    Nonetheless, officials started confining people in cages; then came face masking, “social distance”, and finally vaccination. 
    Deliverance 1, 2 and 3, regardless of what experts are stressing, failed miserably.
    First, humans can’t be wearing mask 24/7 or pushed into cages forever. Besides, shielding nose and mouth is not enough. What about your eyes, hands, hair, ears and clothes? 
    Social distance? If scientists are expecting people rambling with a device calculating distance from each other, they are hallucinating. 
    Of course, supporters of 1, 2 and 3 solutions will emphasize these measures have saved millions. How many millions are they talking about? How do they know? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Inoculation to save us from those damn bloodthirsty microscopic vampires flying around our heads, is neither working as expected. We are seeing reports of people already vaccinated getting sick again; the so call multiple breakthrough cases.
     “Experts” are saying that the quantity is not significant and that the majority shows minor or no symptoms at all.
    That those re-infected shows minor or no symptoms, is not a valid argument in favor of vaccination. That is the actual experience of most people getting the virus; inoculated or not.
    Second, how do they know that the quantity is not significant? Are they counting those who are breakthrough cases, but had decided to remain at home without reporting their conditions? 
    Even the CDC is now acknowledging that millions of vaccinated people will likely have a breakthrough infection. Just few days ago the head of the CDC stated that the coronavirus could be just a few mutations away from evading existing COVID-19 vaccines, and that fully vaccinated people may be spreading the Delta variant.
    It seems that “experts” are somewhat alarmed that their vaccination approach is not working as swiftly as publicized. If breakthrough cases become widespread, they are going to be extremely embarrassed.

    No wonder millions relying on logical deductions or speculative fears about a vaccine advanced in record time, suspicious it might alter their DNA (despite scientists’ assertions on the contrary), are rejecting inoculation.

    Appears that people are not trusting scientists anymore. Maybe unknowingly following Aldous Huxley assertion that: “Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left”. 
    Certainly, if people realized how little doctors know, they’d be very scared.
    Now we are under pressure to get inoculated. And there is an idiotic controversy out there. Idiotic because if only 0.18 percent of our population have die from Covid19, there is no need for a second civil war.
    That decimal point speaks more than a thousand words! 
    Still another question that need answer. Why the endless and ferocious propaganda to vaccinate everyone? Is it because officials really want to save us, or because Big Pharma? 
    Billions of vaccines have been manufactured. To sell those samples, the public must be vaccinated no matter what. Looks like everything boils down to who gets more of the pie $$$. 
    From my point of view, there is only one ultimate solution: Let Covid19 run its ordinary evolution. People would be infected; most with minor or not symptoms. A minority would require special attention. The vast majority would stay at home 2 or 3 weeks; then back to normal life with natural inbuilt herd immunity.
    Just proposing a different approach that, as crazy as it may sound, could be the best enduring solution after all. By allowing the virus kill itself through its natural life circle, rather than shooting people with vaccines every six months, seems a more logical solution.
    Many probably will call my proposal insane; and myself, an idiot. I suppose they have been programed by the system not to listen anything but orthodoxy.
    J. J. A. S. Viera is a retired professor of statistics and sociology.


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