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    COVID Heist History

    Commentary by Shane Ellison


    Science-ism is the spreading of half truths, in order to present science as a religion. It’s used to scare and dominate people, like any religion, really.

    And once it does, it successfully siphons billions of dollars from the US Treasury (your taxes) and passes it on to Big Pharma by paying for an “emergency” Vak-thine.

    And it works because uninformed people are easy to scare…

    Enter the COVID heist.


    Few have caught on to the historical, deceitful practice of “creating emergencies in order to get emergency approval and emergency funds.” 


    The explosion of profit from manufacturing COVID fear and selling “shots” exemplifies the Medical Industrial Complex’s (MIC) successful practice of enriching themselves with tax dollars. 


    This heist was the same one used by the Nazis to gain control of Germany, courtesy of the chemical industry giant, IG Farben. No coincidence, IG Farben became so financially enriched from sales of Zyklon B, it broke off into Bayer and Merck, who became Moderna, a primary COVID vaccine manufacturer. 

    Not an eery coincidence, just eery.

    A template of sorts, this same type of heist was used by The March of Dimes to steal millions from the U.S. Treasury in the 1950’s—when pharmaceutical marketers blew up the public’s polio fears to justify vaccine sales, paid for by US tax dollars and funneled though the “non-profit.”

    In fact, the polio vaccine was also hyped as safe and effective even before a single one had been made!


    This heist was also used by The Rockefeller Foundation in the 1970’s among the southern US states to disrupt, rebuild, and indoctrinate people into being afraid of hookworm. Like an erupted spring, the tax dollars flowed to the same agency that created the fear to begin with to garner power and control via the treatment.


    Again, this heist was used by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Dr. Fauci in the 1980’s to convince homosexuals, alcoholics and heavy drug users—who suffered from malnutrition and immune system failure—that they were victims of the AIDS virus. 


    To help this targeted group avoid adverse effects of a virus hypothesis and the profit-driven treatments, top scientists spoke out. Namely, Nobel Laureate, Dr. Kary Mullis and others sounded the alarms. They insisted, “The HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake.” They asserted that the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis was “false, unproductive, and unethical.” The mainstream media ignored and censored their warnings. Fauci and other Pharma-fueled scientists made millions from selling “treatments.”

    Don’t fall for it!

    Stay Vak-Thine FREE!

    About the Author: From Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.S.

Bachelor’s degree in biology

    • Master’s degree in organic chemistry
    • Abandoned his career as a pharmaceutical chemist
    • Helps people ditch their meds to live young
    • Author of 3 Worst Meds & more

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