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    Covid Jabs & Newsom’s SMARTER Plan

    by Naomi Fisher

    Although the pandemic was real, was deadly to so very many and physically impaired many more, it’s threat is waning. Not enough words can be found to console those who lost loved ones and friends. Nor are there enough words for those that were impaired. 

    But our Nation, our State made it through. So we can finally relax, retire our masks and once again breath fresh air.

    Masks. In California the CDPH (CA Dept Public Health) has lifted the total mask mandate but some restrictions will still apply. March 10, 2022. Article Link:

    The Last State With a COVID Mask Mandate Is Letting It Expire

    By March 25, all 50 states will have ended requirements for face masks in public. Article Link:

    Thanks to the vaccine, most of those who received it and were struck by Covid had milder cases and survived. Here are the latest numbers, Article Link:

    United States COVID-19 Statistics, Updated Mar 10, 2022 @ 6:03pm EST

    U.S. Population 330,756,000…Mortality Rates: U.S.= 1.2%, W.H.O.= 3.6%

    Fact: The leading cause of death in 2020 was heart attacks – not Covid.

    Heart Disease in the United States

    One person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. About 659,000 people in the United States die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.

    Now, Good News: California Governor Newsome is trying to prepare for future disasters. Back in February he announced he has decided he is going to invent our Nation’s first “endemic”, as in ending the pandemic in California with a program titled SMARTER.

    Welcome to his SMARTER, an acronym for: Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education, Rx [prescriptions]: California will stockpile 75 million masks, 200 thousand vaccinations, 5 thousand tests a day and hire 3 thousand workers when and if needed. Cost? $3.2 billion. The SMARTER program will also include “Myth buster videos” to fight misinformation and disinformation on the pandemic. 2 Video Links:

    Forever Virus: California adopts nation’s first endemic COVID-19 policy

    Governor Newsom Unveils SMARTER Plan Charting California’s Path Forward on Nation-Leading Pandemic Response. Feb. 17, 2022. Article Link:

    It’s a great plan. Have necessary items stockpiled in case of another pandemic or disaster – be prepared for whatever the future throws at us. But as usual, Newsome seems to be writing his own script. Either he didn’t get the memo or he failed to read it.


    Because, Newsome is still planning to stock vaccines. One has to wonder: Will he continue to mandate boosters with a growing Nationwide disenchantment, with people finally refusing  booster shots? Will he finally realize or admit that stockpiling Covid vaccines belongs under the title of misinformation on reality? 

    What about the five thousand tests a day? Will they be upgraded for whatever variant is next unleashed on us? We know you’re trying Governor. But aren’t those tests purely for Covid-19?

    With SMARTER one wonders if California might be forever be burdened with Covid vaccines. No recognition of a very real thing called Natural Immunity for those who had it and survived without the jab. No recognition that the vaccines were never meant for small children, teens, and 18-49 year olds not at risk. No recognition the vaccine is not effective on Covid variants or that the Covid-19 virus seems to be waning And why else would he insist on stockpiling the vaccine other than for boosters?

    Is Newsom ignoring the message of our U.S. Truckers who took the hint from Canadian truckers by driving coast to coast in a mass protest against the vaccine mandate? As one trucker said, “We sit alone in our trucks. We’re not out among the public.” 

    An unpublished fact: Many of the truckers taking part in the protest will be losing money by not delivering goods. They will not be able to make payments on their trucks. They know they will lose their trucks, therefore their livelihood. But they are determined to do this. They believe that strongly in protesting a jab mandate. They believe in being Free Americans.

    Pay attention Governor Newsom.

    Please, Governor, delete the vaccines from the list. Spend that money on an economically sound program to help the homeless and drop the stupid and unethical free drugs to addicts. If you’re going to spend money on addicts then give them something to help them kick the habit, not support it.

    Spend the vaccine money on cleaning up our streets and returning our cities to decent places to live and work – on continuing a border wall to stop illegals; to stop human trafficking; to stop those bringing cCvid and other diseases into our U.S. Spend it on decent salaries for our Border Patrol and for hiring more Border Patrol officers. Let them do their jobs. Quit tying their hands.

    In short: Start restoring California and quit feeding the corrupt Big Pharma by buying vaccines!

    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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