COVID – The Chinese Virus | Common Sense Gets Overpowered by Bad Science



By Sigrid Weidenweber

In times like ours I delight in debate with my grandsons—fifteen and seventeen years old. Until recently we mostly saw the world in terms of common understanding. Lately our debates have become acrimonious, not only because of the corona virus, but because of the statistics the boys use to cement their arguments. Much of their wisdom is cherry-picked from their favorite sites on the internet, and teacher infused, with their particular world view. When I object to data flying the face of what I know to be reality, they overwhelm me with their new-found wisdom. Common sense and factual data from real life, the world of business and knowledge of foreign countries, are relegated to the trash heap of: “unsubstantiated anecdotal unscientific evidence.”

The Chinese virus is point of fact. I am of the “vulnerable age” where science has me surely dying should I be unlucky enough to become infected. Both boys were appalled observing me living life without restrictions. I did not quarantine myself, and have worn a masque only twice, for half an hour each time to enter stores requiring them. I have walked unmasked daily in the fresh air, had like-minded friends for dinner and visited them, and enjoyed myself tremendously. The only concessions made to the virus was under duress—the powers of government closed all the swimming pools.

Believe me, I am not the knuckle-dragging troglodyte a certain segment of society would make me out to be, because I did not fall for the fear-mongering daily horror reports and just did what common sense dictated. I studied the medical reports put out by the government and related studies, compared this material to reports by some of the world’s best-known virologists, compared it to historical data and decided that my environs, my lifestyle and health warranted none of the draconian remedies proscribed by the medical cognoscenti in the media.

I got along just fine but the boys are belaboring me to be more cautious. “Look at the death statistics in your age group! Do you want to die?” I counter their loving concern with, “No, of course not! But I refuse to be a frightened sheep without self-awareness. Wearing the masque makes me nauseous. Furthermore, I do not believe in the efficacy of the flimsy things and there are plenty of scientists agreeing with me.”

Oh, how the yelled. My data was all wrong. Their facts were correct. In the end I peremptorily stated, “It is my life. This how I want to live it—Basta!” Well, that was when they brought the power engine of the lock-down crowd to bear upon me. The power of the crowd that is more interested in the ruin of the economy to make President Trump look bad before the election than anything else.

Their moralistic story is that they guide us with parental zeal through the raging virus-debate with the real facts about the Covid debacle, as they keep us locked up and masked. Their heroes would like us to stay locked up until autumn. If you disagree with their facts and reasoning, you are declared an anti-social, science denier, a money-grubbing capitalist favoring his shop over the death-strewn streets of the city.

And woe, if you do not wear the cursed masque, “you put others at risk” by not wearing it. You are selfish—only thinking of your comfort instead of society. How so? If I am healthy and feeling great whom can I harm? If I felt ill, I would stay home.

However, may this as it be, life has taught me that I am much more likely to die from the bane of my existence—a sinus infection than the Chinese virus. Amen.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

 Sigrid Weidenweber grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.  She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.  Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer. You can find her books on

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5 Responses to COVID – The Chinese Virus | Common Sense Gets Overpowered by Bad Science

  1. Mike June 4, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    It IS a Chinese virus. Almost all pandemics start in China. This is because of the way they farm animals in close proximity. Ducks, chickens, pigs-mixing it up. To educate yourself and understand virology I suggest “3 Seconds Until Midnight”
    I am 65 and feel exactly like Ms. Weidenweber.

  2. Sue May 29, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Being Physican adjacent probably doesn’t make you an expert. The are good reasons for not referring to diseases using geographical designations. Here are two interesting articles.

    • Citizen Reporter May 29, 2020 at 5:38 pm

      LOL- to be politically correct, I guess we”ll have to rename German Measles, Hong Kong Flu, Lyme disease.

  3. Marsha Roseman May 29, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Sue, why would you say that?
    The virus comes from China, was spread by China, and was denied by China for months. COVID-19 is the politically correct name for the virus. The one that’s acceptable to say on t.v.
    I find this article to have a lot of truth in it, as I am a 75 year old
    Married for 34 years to a family doctor.

  4. Sue May 29, 2020 at 5:48 am

    She lost credibility by calling it the Chinese virus.


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