Cowboy’s Valuation Is Proof Football Is Still King

William Boyd | Contributor


The Dallas Cowboys were valued by Forbes as the most valuable sports team in the world for the third straight year.

The Cowboys are currently valued at $4.8 billion, and are ranked ahead of three soccer clubs (Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, in that order, all over $4 billion). Dallas is nearly worth $700 million more than second-place Manchester United. The Cowboys are up 600 million from last season’s total of $4.2 billion. The New York Yankees are ranked fifth at $4 billion. The Cowboys valuation was up 14 percent from last year, thanks to the highest revenue of any sports team in the world at $840 million.

NFL teams makes up 29 of the top 50 teams on the Forbes list. Teams in the top 10were the New England Patriots being valued at $3.7 billion, the New York Giantsbeing valued at $3.3 billion, and the Washington Redskins valued at $3.1 billion. The NFL had more franchises in the top 10 than any other league in the world, with four teams. The valuation is so high probably because of each team splitting the $8.2 billion in revenue because of the league’s television deals. (RELATED: NFL Teams Earned A Mind-Blowing Amount Of Money In 2017)

According to the Forbes rankings, 106 teams are valued above $1 billion. The cutoff for the top 50 is at $1.95, which oddly enough is the Cleveland Browns. The kicker: the Browns had a gain of $200 million from last year as well, and they went 0-16. The Browns may not be good at football, but they are still more valuable than any NHL franchise. Only the Cincinnati Bengals ($1.8 billion), Detroit Lions ($1.7 billion), and the Buffalo Bills ($1.6 billion) did not make the top 100 on the list.

The Cowboys draw in $100 million from premium ticket sales and $150 million from sponsors because of AT&T Stadium. Non-football events and tours of ‘Jerry World’ give the Cowboys tens of millions of dollars more.

The NFL has had a lot of controversy and criticism come their way last year, with their ratings going down 16 percent during the past two years. However, according to Forbes, the league still has the most watched primetime show with Sunday Night Football, and the top broadcast on cable TV with Monday Night Football. With those stats, 37 of the 50 most-watched TV broadcasts were NFL games last year. With the new TV contracts worth millions of dollars, this dominance will not slow down anytime soon.

Once again, football proves that it is the greatest sport in the world. The Dallas Cowboys have become a worldwide brand. People are consistently criticizing the NFLand saying that the league is dying, but you have to look at the numbers and not the controversy. If the Cleveland Browns can still be worth nearly $2 billion, that means the league is doing just fine. I, for one, am excited to see that the league is doing well. We keep hearing that football won’t be around when the next generation grows up, but after looking at these numbers I am not so sure that is true. Sports like soccer are growing, but football isn’t giving up the title of best sport in the world yet. Football is still king, whether we like it or not.

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