CRT, Mask, and Vaccine Mandates Within Ventura County Schools?

One local couple fights back! 16 Questions and Answers

Staff members from Citizens Journal routinely monitor local government and School Board meetings and report newsworthy occurrences to our readers.  During a recent Oxnard School District meeting, the Board of Directors had many very upset community members present, speaking out against school mask mandates, vaccine mandates and critical race theory (CRT).  We had a chance to sit down with Steve and Theresa T, (names have been changed as they fear retribution), local parents who will not sit by idly as school boards across Ventura County adopt mask mandates, vaccine mandates and add Critical Race Theory into the curriculum  

Background:  Steve is professionally employed.  He and Theresa have two children, both boys, currently in 4th grade and 5th grade.  Steve was born and  raised in the US.  Theresa was born in an oppressive Middle Eastern country and immigrated to the US at 8 year old.  They have resided in Ventura County for about a dozen years.


One Family’s Response To The New Policies

As the new school year ramps up, serious concerns are being raised in the Oxnard school district. During a recent Oxnard School District meeting, the Board of Directors answered questions by parents and community members about the new policies regarding school mask mandates, school vaccine mandate and critical race theory (CRT). These topics have been made public to the parents through the grapevine in many instances as the school board have not been entirely forthcoming with their intentions

Citizens Journal spoke with the parents of two children in the Oxnard school district who were present at the meeting and were appalled at the actions of the school board. They agreed to speak to us anonymously due to fear of retribution regarding the new policies of their school district.

When asked bout the mask mandates they were strongly opposed to forcing their young children to wear masks in school. “The science doesn’t back the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of COVID. But more importantly, we are opposed to tyrannical rule. Giving up freedoms little by little puts our nation on that path.”

Have your children expressed any opinion about wearing the mask to school?

Our children are not happy about the prospect of wearing a mask to school this year. “They do not want to have to wear a mask for hours during the school day. It is an impediment to communication and learning. They can barely understand speech. They feel like they cannot breathe, and they feel anxious” The mother went on to add,” Fitment issues mean continuous adjustment.”  “The school board does not understand the science that masks do not prevent the transmission of COVID molecules. A COVID 19 molecule is 0.1 microns, far smaller than the pores in a cloth mask.” Added the father.

On the topic of vaccines – why are you opposed to a vaccine mandate?  What will you do if it becomes official?  – “We are opposed to it because it is Unconstitutional! It violates our medical rights; it is pure tyranny. By the way, it is not a vaccine, it is a therapeutic injection. It is designed to change your DNA and as far as we’re concerned, we’re pleased with the DNA that God gave us.” They went on to add that if the Vaccine becomes mandatory it will provide a government ploy to get what they want; control.

They went on to add that they do not wear a mask when going into stores, and when they get harassed, they leave.

Did the school board ask your opinion about teaching Critical Race Theory to your children?

“This makes us angry because the school board never asked our opinion regarding the topic and tried to conceal the curriculum under the guise of ethnic studies”.

 The couple added that their elementary school children were either told or guided toward hiding the lesson plans from them.

The generic guiding principles of Critical Race Theory portrays white people as oppressors and persons of color as the oppressed. When asking their opinion on this narrative, the mother replied, “No I do not believe that. I am an Immigrant. When I was 8 years old, I escaped socialism in a Middle Eastern country. My father worked hard, learned English from children’s books.  I am the youngest of 4 siblings and the first with a master’s degree.  My siblings own their own businesses. How could this happen if white Americans were all oppressors?”

Do you think America is moving in the right direction?

“Education is a microcosm of society, and the current political climate is espousing a narrative that is fundamentally changing the country. No, we don’t’ believe the county is heading in the right direction. Probably 15 years ago the indoctrination started. Everything seems more segregated now, especially since Biden took office. The government is the one dividing us.” They added that implementing different standards based on skin color would be “taking us backward on that.”

In the current culture, opposition to CRT is ridiculed as racism. The couple refused this notion and responded “In America we had a black president, twice. We both voted for him the first time! How racist is America, really, when that is a part of our recent history?

The couple has small children, so they felt compelled to attend the school board meeting. The mother stated,” As a mother and as an immigrant, when I saw the teachers pleading with the community, it touched my heart, and I knew I needed to do my part to help against these monstrosities. We will stand up and stand united! As a child in an oppressive Middle Eastern country, I was in fear, constantly.  And now here in the USA we have schoolteachers who live in constant fear of punishment or termination if they dared to speak against this new left-wing orthodoxy”

The husband added that, “the country is going down the wrong path, and the school board is going down a really wrong path. “The chance of children dying of COVID is exceedingly small; they don’t know the numbers. The school board is doing everyone a disservice by pushing this on them so aggressively.” 

The wife added “To illustrate some more of the insanity, at the school board meeting, we were required to wear a mask inside the meeting, but not in the antechamber, how does that make any sense?”

We asked if the American dream of working hard and achieving success was an illusion for immigrants who want to become American citizens? The wife answered enthusiastically,” No! If you work hard, you get it. My parents lost everything and came to America with just a few dollars….   we’ve done well here.”

Below is a link to watch more comments from teachers and parents at the meeting. The comments start at the 1:22:00 minute mark and contuse to 1:36:25


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George Miller

Thanks for telling it like it is. While Conejo and Camarillo have had strong resistance to doing the same thing, Oxnard has done it by stealth, with nearly zero opposition. Keep it up Citizens Journal!