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By Mike Smith

Changing culture with politics is like trying to bail water from a sinking ship with a shot glass.

It will never work.

And it will never work because it cannot work.

Culture defines politics – All politics is downstream of culture.

As Georgia painfully shows, the Republican Party’s longtime failure to engage the culture via the America First/MAGA doctrine stands to bite every American community in the butt – big-league.

This could change, but the (national) political outlook this minute looks grim.

Yet the long-term picture hides in plain sight – begging us to finally zoom out and see the big ‘why’:

Decades of ‘republican’ preoccupation with marginal tax rates and fake ‘bipartisanship’ –ignorant of the Marxist, enfeebling corruption of millions of public government school students-turned-voters– has led to a crisis where Georgians must now rely on non-residents to Get-out-The-Vote inside Georgia.

Georgia idles at the mercy of better populations more willing to fall as free people than live as captives.

And yes –definitionally-speaking– these better populations are vast-majority Trump Republican.

This also includes Texans remotely phone banking into Georgia from throughout the Lone Star State.

These well-regulated patriots know how quickly Georgia’s disease of the stupid can spread across state lines into their own backyards. Many have firsthand experience with this trans-regional malaise.

Men like Republican Party of Texas Chairman (and Georgia native) LTC Allen West, who reminds us:

In a socialist economic model, success and achievement are targeted and punished.”

These are the words of a winner who knows the enemy and upholds his Oath – not fealty to a political party. Chairman West understands the GOP is only a bridge, not the endgame destination. He gets it!

No loyal Texan –who is aware of ‘republican’ treachery within and without Texas– places ‘(R) politician’ loyalty above having to individually sacrifice what must be let go of, to keep Texas Texas.

Chairman West drives the point home:

You can’t fix stupid. But you can stop it from spreading.”

Count on true Texans stopping stupid from spreading deep into Texas – regardless of how the Georgia national Senate runoffs go. Also count on the worst of ‘stupid’ being crushed in rural East and West Texas. Both will remain America’s last inner defense lines – even if  the U.S. map must end up smaller.

Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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