What the current Ventura County Sheriff, G. Dean says and does as to illegal aliens: From the Ventura Star: Article on the KCRW Immigration Forum of Jan 25th 2018

By Bruce Boyer

“Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said that when Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees visit the county jail, they’re told if an inmate is foreign-born. Of 27,177 people arrested over a year that ended in September, 238 were removed by ICE”.

“Dean, a panelist in the forum, said immigration status plays no role in who deputies arrest. That will not change under Trump.” He also said “the sheriff’s office will make no move to completely cut off ICE”.

“If you commit a crime and you’re here illegally, you should be deported,” he said a moment after the forum ended”.

Bruce Boyer explains Sheriff Dean’s “answers”….

He stated 238 out of 27,177 arrested were removed by ICE. Notice he did not say how many were here illegally or how many were here on Green Cards or Visas. He has the numbers, but chose not to state them. Persons here legally tend to be arrested less than the average, those here illegally at nearly four times the average. Persons here illegally make up approx one in nine adults. Without factoring in the higher arrest % for illegals, that would mean 3,000 of those arrested were here illegally, of which 238 were turned over to ICE.  That was BEFORE SB54.

When Sheriff Dean says “… will make no move to completely cut off ICE,” the key word is “completely”. SB54 allows ‘some” convicted felons to be turned over to ICE so Sheriff Dean can still not ‘completely cut off ICE” so long as he is ‘willing” to turn over those Illegals that SB54 says he can. So, he is aligned with and supporting the Rebels while making it appear that he is not.  I suggest that this is collusion with a strong dosage of deceit injected.

When he states “You should be deported” he is expressing his “opinion,” not his policy as Sheriff nor his practices.  This wording is part of his deceitfulness. Note that he qualifies it as top “commit a crime” meaning that he will not acknowledge that being here illegally IS A Crime!

Sheriff Dean chose to NOT make any statements as to SB54 and that it is rebellion and that he will NOT support the rebellion but will support our Federal authorities.

The other ‘panelists” were two rabid Open Borders adherents. If Sheriff Dean had been opposed to their positions they would NOT have let him take such positions unchallenged. When I have told theses types that I will enforce Federal Immigration laws they become unhinged! There is no doubt that we are on opposite sides!

Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Sheriff


Boyer Information requests:

to Ventura County Sheriff: VCSD PRR Feb 2018

to Oxnard Police Department: Oxnard PD Public Req Req Feb 2018


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