Dallas: Divide and Conquer

by Constance McDaniel, July 11, 2016

The horrific news from Dallas points out that hate is indeed alive and well. Yet, as the media and Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe, the hate comes from the radical right. Yet, as JBS has documented time and time again, this is not the real enemy. The battle is not Right vs. Left. Rather it is liberty vs. tyranny.



Those on the tyranny side are pushing hatred among the races, among the different socio-economic classes, as well as other classifications that pit people against each other. Why do they do this? To create a situation that has the masses calling for higher authorities to do something, of which they are only too happy to comply.

The situation in Dallas was a continuation from Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., that saw outside agitation based on police shootings of minorities. Yet, when Chicago breaks records for weekend black-on-black shootings, outside agitators see nothing to gain, so no hue and cry is raised. When was the last time you saw Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton show up in Chicago to raise awareness of these killings? Don’t black lives matter? Or better yet, when was the last time they demonstrated in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the inner city, if black lives truly mattered?

The fact that we have delineated which color of lives we are supposed to care about demonstrates that those supporting tyranny have won the battle of rhetoric. Are we not supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves? The race riots in the 1960s and 1970s have left an indelible mark on history in many ways. One mark it left was to show exactly how these riots were organized, who organized them, and why. We have mentioned our “Anarchy USA” documentary many times in the past, pointing out the pressure from above and pressure from below strategy of getting the masses to call for more government, when in many instances, it was the government that either had created the problem or had a contributing hand in doing so. Back then hatred was being stirred up on both sides of the political aisle in a perfect pressure-cooker environment that at times would explode in violence, giving the federal government the opportunity to usurp more liberty from the people. And how has that worked out for the average activist from years ago? Do they have more freedom today than in the 1960s? Are they more self-reliant and responsible? Do they take advantage of opportunity or entitlement?

The media is trying very hard to ensure that the ambush and slaughter of the Dallas officers is pinned on a “loner” without ties to any organization. Yet, if it weren’t for the professional and/or radical agitators in the black liberation organizations, then wouldn’t these lone wolves be venting their frustrations in other ways? How low on the morality scale must we be when we see Black Lives Matters protestors chanting death threats to the police, but yet look beyond that to make the case that the movement is nonviolent? Or when BLM makes the argument that police shouldn’t be profiling, but then gets upset at their local police who didn’t have a hand in the high-profile shootings and calls for them to be shot. Are they not guilty of profiling?

The stats bear out that “white” people are the largest group shot by police, followed by black, and Hispanic. These are definitely unfortunate stats from the standpoint of either the level of crime or police misconduct. In either event, a system is set-up to deliver justice. In the rare cases of misconduct, police must be prosecuted to the fullest extent, as should criminals who make a conscious decision to not follow the local laws. Do we know for certain if either of the two black gentlemen shot in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge fit into this latter category? We do not, and any justice that comes out of this will see them just as dead and their families grieving and coping with the loss.

It’s hard to watch the shooting videos and not be angry due to not having all the facts. But imagine watching these videos with the mindset that all police officers are bad, that they are only out to do me harm, and that I must not let them do that to me. It’s this “us vs. them” mentality that poisons the mind of many based on the actions of a few. If there are bad judgments by police officers, then they must be held accountable, as must those who take the law into their own hands or choose not to follow the law.

The family of Alton Sterling has condemned the shooting and killing of the Dallas police officers and many have called for calm and peace.

But many of those who support the black liberation movement were gleeful that police officers were shot. Facebook records these reactions and one group on Facebook, known as Black Power Political Organization, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Dallas police and suggested more were to come. Its Facebook page has been taken down, but screen copies are floating around. At first glance, it looks very amateurish. Its listed URL goes to a movie documentary page about the Black Panthers and its listed phone number is for some start-up fund for black entrepreneurs. It doesn’t appear to pass the smell test.

But it certainly appears some coordination and planning went into this attack. From what we have seen in the media, the attacker was a former Army Reservist who was dressed in tactical gear, including a bulletproof vest. He was killed with a bomb that was exploded by a robot, after hours of negotiation. When was the last time you heard of that happening? It appears the police were following the example set by President Obama who has authorized the killing of “enemy combatants” with missiles from drones without any due process. This includes American citizens.

Is this killing by a robot detonating a bomb a test by authorities to see how far they can rob Americans of their constitutional rights? Which federal agency recommended and authorized this use? Granted, the person may have been guilty, but judgment and punishment are supposed to come later. Have we crossed a line of when we can just “frag” a suspect? Or do we now consider it feasible to do so because the federal government has outfitted many police departments across the country with military training and equipment?

We bring all of this up to demonstrate that there is indeed a war on police, but there is also a war on America. We mentioned above that it’s liberty vs. tyranny. The reaction of the federal government will be to create more laws, more bureaucracy, and throw more money at problems either they had a hand in creating or have no constitutional authority over.

So what is the answer? For starters, let’s begin with morality. Have we as a nation fell so far from our Judeo-Christian roots that we look at our brother and fellow American as the enemy? So what if we have different political views, different skin color, or hold different religious views? Who are these people who are pointing out the enemy? Who are they connected to? What are their aims? Since 1776, this country has faced opposition to its founding from forces that have longed to untether the foundational moorings of morality. And they have been quite successful in steering the country in the direction it is heading.

Now, more than ever, we need to reclaim the American ideals of morality, service to self, service to family, and service to neighbor. As our motto states, we need less government, more responsibility and — with God’s help — a better world. Join JBS today to help make sense of an America gone wrong and to get it back on course to safeguard life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

Republished with permission

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