David Horowitz:  “The Democratic Party is a party of hate”

By Michael Hernandez

SIMI VALLEY—“The Democratic Party is a party of hate,” said David Horowitz to a crowd  of over 300 gathered at the Ronald Reagan President Library Wednesday to listen to a lecture by the conservative commentator—a former radical leftist (whose parents he said were communists)—and New York Times bestselling author.  “That’s what they do:  character assassination and name calling.”

Trump illuminated this issue in the second presidential debate said Horowitz, when he turned to the television audience and said, “Hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart.”  These comments were in reference to Hillary’s comments, “All of us, belong to a Basket of Deplorables.  Trump just looked at Hillary Clinton in the eye and said ‘You are a liar and a crook.  I can’t name another Republican who did that.”  Horowitz said, “Hillary violated the espionage act, exposed our secrets, lied to the American people, to Congress and over a fallen hero over his coffin.”

According to Horowitz, “A president usually gets a honeymoon period to assemble his team, get confirmed, and begin an agenda before the political attacks begin.  For Donald Trump, it was nothing but a witch hunt.” 

The Leftists or Progressives “see themselves as social redeemers.  They believe fundamentally if they can get enough power, tax enough, get around constitutional restrictions, that they can redeem the world and save the planet” said Horowitz, founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles which was formerly called the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (1988).  “They see themselves as an army of saints and we are the party of the devil.

“The Progressives are committed to an ideology or world view called identity politics that is anti-American.  They believe that there is systemic racism in America.  But this is mythical; as mythical as global warming.  The Democrats are driven by this racist ideology.  They are the racist party.

“The American idea began with the Declaration of Independence.  We are a nation of individuals.  As a Jew, I say that America was  founded by Protestants.  Our government can’t take away these inalienable rights.  We  are to be judged as individuals.

“The Democratic Party has a stronghold of every inner city in America.  The Democrats are 100 percent responsible for everything wrong in the inner cities.  Republicans are just too polite to mention this.  They need to fight fire with fire.”

When asked about the Republican Party in California, Horowitz said, “I wish there was a Republican Party in this state.  The Republican Party is the problem.” 

When asked about his connection with President Trump, Horowitz said he was proud of his protégé, Steve Miller (senior strategist for the President)—who he has known since his days at Santa Monica High School and who he connected with Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

When asked his views on the actions of President Trump, Horowitz said, “I think he is doing a great job.  He cut all those regulations.  He is serious about ISIS, he is serious about borders.  I’m just waiting for the prosecutions.

“I just worry about his health and safety and all the forces in Washington that can disrupt.

“I have devised a Code of Ethics for K-12 teachers.  A teacher can’t advocate for any side of a controversial issue—an issue that is in a Democratic or Republican platform at the national or state level.  Teachers should be suspended and lose their license” if they advocate.

In his book, Big Agenda—President Trump’s Plan to Save America,” Horowitz writes:  “Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was a political earthquake.  It put an end to eight years of a left-wing presidency that divided the American people, eroded American sovereignty, diminished American power, and undermined a constitutional foundation that had made America prosperous and great.”

“When the votes were in, the anguished voices of the left provided a foretaste of the future in store for Republicans and their president over the next four years.  “Mourning for America” was the way the Huffington Post announced Trump’s victory on the day after the election.   “President Trump:  A Colossal Failure for Democracy, and Our Terrifying New Reality,” responded Salon.com, a website owned by the Washington Post.  Stoking the fires of racial conflict, CNN’s Van Jones called the election “a white lash against a black president”  Echoing the incitement, Slate.com, owned by Microsoft, declared: “White Won.”

“These emotional provocations reflect the passions of a left that would not be stilled by the election result or conciliatory gestures the new president had already made.  Instead, they will be inflamed by every step Trump takes along the path to reviving a battered country and restoring its constitutional order.  These are the angry voices of a political culture that is at war with America.  Worse yet, this is the dominant culture in our universities, in our media, in our judiciary, in government unions, and in the shadow political universe of non-profits, with billions of tax-free dollars at their disposal.”

Horowitz’s “Big Agenda” is divided into three parts:  The Adversary; The Agenda; and The Strategy.

The Adversary details: New Wars to Fight; Divisions on the Right (including former 2012 GOP nominee, Mitt Romney; and “Never Trumpers;” The Roots of Executive Tyranny; The Progressive Movement; The Race Card; (Progressives) Hatred in Their Hearts; No Rules for Radicals.

Part Two outlines Trump’s Agenda:  Obamacare—An Attack on Personal Freedom; The Environment:  A Pretext For Government Control; The Myth of Systemic Racism; and Globalism and Radical Islam.

The Strategy includes:  The Goal and the Path; It’s Time to Take the Gloves Off; The Achilles’ Heel of the Democratic Party; The Democrats’ Wars on Men and Women; Obstructionism Is a Good Thing If the Policies Are Bad; Ending Leftist Indoctrination in Our Schools; Fixing the Political Universe That Doesn’t Exist; Government Unions—A Conflict Of Interest That  Needs To Be Ended; Corruption and Cowardice; Party of the People; Go on the Attack and Stay on It; A Postelection Agenda; A Party for All the People; The Battle Plan:  The First 100 Days.

The First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency (Horowitz conclusion) is divided into Executive Orders; Judicial Appointments; and Rules and Regulations he predicts will be made by Donald J. Trump.

“The war that Democrats have declared on America’s social contract is a war on individual rights and individual accountability, which are the bedrock of America’s constitutional system.  The stakes in this war are enormous.  Democrats’ emphasis on group identities and group rights and progressives’ clamoring for ‘social justice’ will lead inexorable to a collectivist tyranny.  This is a fight for American freedom—the soul of what this country stands for and the foundation of all its success.”

“One battle is over, but there are many more to come,” writes Horowitz.

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(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships.)

 Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected]. 

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