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link times; font-size: 14pt;”>By Gregory Welborn

discount times; font-size: 14pt;”>Summer is over; welcome back to the real world – kids start school again, sales the traffic gets heavier, the weather cools, and the pattern of life returns to a familiar rhythm. The only difference is that this year Americans are returning to a world which grew much more dangerous over these short 3 months. We’re returning, awakening really, to a world in which President Obama’s incompetence is getting people killed – lots of people, thousands of people – and a justifiable fear is growing that all this death will soon revisit American soil.



It has been a busy summer. Islamic State terrorists, who were just on the “JV team”, now control a transnational territory which contains five million people, major cities, oil wells (and their cash flow), dams, airports and other infrastructure, and a large cache of sophisticated American weaponry – including surface-to-air missiles. The Islamic State massacred Shiite soldiers, dumping their bodies in open pits, while Hamas executed innocent “collaborators” in broad daylight in a central marketplace. Syria’s Assad continues to use chemical weapons and came close to starving the entire city of Aleppo. Russian troops openly invaded Ukraine, and Emperor Putin brags that he can take Kiev in two weeks. Russian-controlled separatists used Russian SAMs to down a civilian airliner and still prohibit any semblance of an honest investigation. Chinese warplanes threatened an American plane in international airspace. And ISIS closed out the dog days of summer with the grisly public beheading of not one, but two, American journalists, directing their filmed messages to America at large with the first murder and taunting Obama personally with the second.

So the world has not gone well. Perhaps the President was just taken by surprise; he has used that excuse before, claiming that world events just happen so fast he only learns about them from the newspapers. But that excuse is not available to him. Romney warned him about Russia in the presidential debates; Israel has been warning him about the dangers of Hamas for a couple years; his own intelligence briefings have warned him about the growing threat from ISIS for at least a year; and Obama addressed Syria on several occasions, even announcing the absolute necessity of the immediate removal of the still-in-control Assad from the world stage.

obama-common-core1The President knows that surprise is not the plausible excuse it once was. Even the sycophant mainstream media won’t let him get away with that one this time. Instead, Obama again throws someone under the bus. This time, ironically, it’s the very same press which has covered for him for so long. In comments this week, President Obama told us “if you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart”, that “the world has always been messy” and that “we’re just noticing now because of social media”.

I wonder how the folks at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and so on, and the major Obama campaign contributors in Silicon Valley feel right now. It’s their fault we “feel” like the world is falling apart. In fact they’ve been so good in messaging that recent polls shows an amazing unity of opinion: Republicans, Democrats and Independents all “feel” the world is going to the dumpster. Well, here’s a word of advice for the President. It’s not just a “feeling”. The world is falling apart; it’s falling apart on your watch; and it’s falling apart because of your policies, born of an incompetence that has few rivals.

This incompetence has a cause – potentially an incurable one. It’s not stupidity. If only it were; stupidity can be corrected by hiring smarter people to advise you. The President’s incompetence has its genesis in a commitment to an ideology that trumps any recognition or, as we’re now seeing, any violent intrusion of cold, hard reality. Mr. Obama was, and President Obama remains, a man of the hard left in his world view. As student, law professor, Senator, candidate and President, Obama has believed with every fiber of his being that America has no right to interfere anywhere in the world, that America has caused more hardship by its presence than any other nation on earth, and that America must withdraw from the world stage as penance for, and solution to, the troubles its past exploits have caused. Obama believes he will be the man who ends war. That is the real reason he didn’t refuse his Nobel peace prize. Even if he didn’t think he had earned it at that point, he was convinced that he would earn it eventually. This is where he is today – still committed to his ideology and to earning that peace prize no matter how many people die.

The left has never understood that war is not inherently immoral any more than peace is inherently moral. Only the purpose of the war and the conditions of the peace can determine the morality of either. The President’s actions may have brought our troops home, but the “peace” which has been left in so many corners of the world is filled with terror, cruelty and death for many thousands. If he continues, and all evidence suggests he will, massive in-discriminant death will once again visit our shores. ISIS needs only to walk across our southern border with a handful of the U.S. weaponry it now possess. War will come, and we need to do so much more to win it so that a just and moral peace can flourish – here and abroad.

About the author:  Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues.  He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community.  He can be reached [email protected]


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