Dear Chuck


By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views  

The Honorable Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

Senate Office Building

Washington D.C.

Dear Chuck

Please cut me a break. I have willingly been consorting with a number of Russians not knowing that they were intending to influence the 2016 Presidential election. Before you send in the swat team to arrest me for what is presently considered to be a hate crime, I wish to confess and beg for mercy.

My wife served Noodles Romanoff for dinner last week.  Until she told me the name, I did not know this dish was somehow connected with the Kremlin.  Judging from the taste, this treat from Betty Crocker that was supposedly fit for a Czar, must have been on the menu before Lenin and his Red Army buddies executed poor Nicoulai.

Russian roulette is out of the question for me unless you put me in solitary confinement for my crimes and I can purchase the necessary ammunition in California to properly play the game.

I love  Russian Caviar but can’t find the product or a suitable occasion to feast on it. I could substitute Iranian that comes from the same waters in the Caspian Sea; but that would implicate me for being an Islamic Terrorist. I guess consuming fish eggs will need to be removed from my bucket list

At a bar a last August, I ordered and consumed a Black Russian cocktail. It was tasty but little did I know consuming a drink with the word “Russian” behind it was somehow part of a conspiracy to influence the election.  Were I to have drank a “White Russian” this would have been even worse because in addition to assisting Putin, that would have made me a racist as well.

There have been other mistakes I made such as ordering  a sandwich at the deli on “Russian Rye”, going for a weekend on the “Russian River” and eating my favorite dish “Chicken Kiev” last September, prior to the election.

But wait there’s more. When I went mushroom hunting near Fort Ross in Mendocino County,  I ran into some Russian immigrants. However, I assure you we were only speaking about finding  chanterelles and bullets.  A transcript of the conversation is not available but I swear we didn’t discuss hacking computers or finding out about debate questions in advance.

The reason I am so worried, is that these transgressions seem to be far worse than the charges you made against Jeff Sessions for whom you want to resign as Attorney General and hire a special prosecutor to investigate his dealings with Putin.

While serving in the Senate with you a Committee Sessions says he had more than 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors in 2016 as a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Twice he spoke with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak . One of these meetings was held in his office and the other was a chance encounter at a reception during the Republican Convention.

It would seem that if the Senator from Alabama was a bag man for the Donald Trump, enlisting Russian support for hacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices, these venue’s don’t appear to be locales for clandestine meetings with enemy agents. Trying to cast a shadow on Sessions denial for talking to the Russian Ambassador about the campaign appears to be grasping for straws by the Democratic Party that still is suffering from a hangover after losing last fall’s election.

Without a shred of tangible evidence other than discredited intelligence reports,  how can you demand a special prosecutor?  Such a drastic step seems to be at best “one take over the line” reasoning given what transpired during the Presidency of Barack Obama.

May we remind you of IRS Chief Lois Lerner invoking the 5th Amendment against self incrimination numerous times in her testimony before Congress concerning the agencies dealings with conservative political groups. If this scandal did not merit a Special Prosecutor, what would?

Or how about Bill Clinton’s chance encounter with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in an aircraft hangar at  when she was in the midst of investigating  the former President’s wife?

Talking about Hillary why was not a special prosecutor hired to look into her email scandals especially after her IT staff took the 5th to protect them. Perhaps even worse Chuck, what caused you to remain silent about the pay to play scandal with the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Secretary of State?

Based on the flimsy charges of collusion with the Russians by  Jeff Sessions, weren’t these matters  worth your consideration for bringing in an outside investigator?

The bottom line is that the political theater that you, Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders are conducting is not helping your cause very much.  Just like  doing everything possible to slow down the approval of President Trump’s cabinet appointees, most of America is getting weary of your antics.

If you think the strong support you are receiving from so called progressive news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and  Washington Post is driving public opinion, just take a look at their dismal ratings and circulation figures.

It should not take a leap of faith for you to know most American’s including many members of the Democratic Party want you to stop the name calling and start working with President Trump on repairing the health care system, taking care of needed infrastructure repairs, along with tax and immigration reform just to name a few issues which cry for Congressional action.

Take a lesson from legislators before you such as Henry Clay, Tip O’Neil, and Everett Dirksen who put country before politics in getting important legislation passed in dealing with a President from the opposing party. It’s time for you to put “profiles in courage”  in your work as a Senator before trying to solidify your support from angry progressives.

Playing the “ain’t it awful” card is just not working and will likely hurt your cause in the long run  Just ask Hillary Clinton who pollsters believe lost the Presidential election last year because her campaign constantly belittled Donald Trump while offering little vision of what her plans might be to assist America’s struggling middle class.

It’s time to move on from the so called Putin, WikiLeeks, and Russian hacking deal and do your part to “Make America Great Again.”

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and fwas ormer city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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