Deep State: The Mask is Slipping

by Phil Erwin

The namesake host of FOX’s The Story with Martha McCallum made an interesting observation: Two years ago, when candidate Trump was ten primaries up on his way to the Republican nomination, he was so unpopular, even so hated among rank-and-file Conservatives, he could not even show up at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for fear of negative publicity.

What a difference a year in office has made.

This year, CPAC’s audience absolutely ate up President Trump’s long, free-ranging, often ad-libbed speech. I watched part of it, and I must say: The man really knows how to work an audience.

Guy Benson, Conservative journalist and once-staunch Never-Trumper, admits: I would have clapped for much of what he said… Some of my concerns when he was running for President remain today; they deal with his character, with his comportment… Would he govern as a Conservative? I had my doubts. And on many occasions over the last year, he has assuaged those doubts… He went through the checklist – Judges, tax cuts, de-regulation, Israel, ISIS – a lot of positive things in the first year, from a policy perspective…. [But] I’m not “Always Trump.” I’m “Sometimes Trump.”

McCallum identifies two camps of Trump opposition in Washington, one of them within the Republican Party – including the Freedom Caucus in the House, and old-school Senators like Bob Corker (who called the Trump White House an “adult Day-Care center”) and John McCain, who single-handedly torpedoed the outright repeal of Obamacare.

The other opposed camp is, of course, the Democrats – who might sometimes wish they could play along with Trump to “get things done,” but fear the backlash from fellow legislators, Party leaders and Democrats at large would spell their political doom. West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin is in this camp.

McCallum’s forgetting a third source of Trump opposition: The so-called “Deep State.”

We’ve heard for years about bureaucrats at the top levels of government that, for all intents and purposes, actually run the government. The idea is that they hold all the levers of power, regardless of who’s been elected to set policy; and they can pretty much do whatever they want, by picking and choosing which policies to implement, and obstructing or interfering with policies they don’t want implemented while waiting for more “favorable” policymakers to be elected.

It may seem far-fetched to suggest such a broad, deep, persistent “road block” to the efforts of those we elect as policymakers; but what better explains our sense that “Nothing ever gets done in Washington!”?

Actually, plenty “gets done.” But only what the Deep State allows to “get done” – things in accord with the Progressive mind set.

Want “single-payer healthcare”? No problem. Call it “Obamacare” and pass it (over the screaming disapproval of half the citizenry!) with a bare-minimum 60 Democrat votes.

Want to repeal “Obamacare”? Not without more than 60 Republican Senators. Because some of those guys are owned by the Deep State.

Want to limit fossil-fuel impacts on the environment? No problem. The EPA (pre-Scott Pruitt) was Deep State. They passed all manner of environmental rules, regulations and limits on business activities, enabling the Democrat Attorneys General and a myriad “Green” organizations to file endless lawsuits, tie up the courts, and wait for Deep State operatives to negotiate taxpayer-funded settlements.

What a racket.

The problem Conservatives face is that parts of the “Government” are now virtually owned by a cadre of appointed and career bureaucrats who are all thoroughly indoctrinated in Progressive perspectives.

That’s because you can’t get upper-level positions in governmental agencies without advanced degrees, and you can’t get advanced degrees without attending a Progressive Propaganda citidel (a.k.a. “university” or “college”,) getting nonstop exposure to Progressive propaganda and spouting it back on exams. (Conservatives can’t even speak on campuses anymore, it’s called a “security risk.” Imagine how low your grades will go if you try to make a Conservative argument in class, or on an essay!)

Progressive mandating of policy positions is the nirvana that Progressives have been working toward for decades. It’s finally paying off, in the form of a government that serves only them, rather than serving you, the voter.

You might think that the massive, many-headed Hydra of government Departments, Agencies and other organizations is too big, too unwieldy, too complicated to be taken over by conspiracy.

But it’s a mistake to think that such a conspiracy must needs be a huge, organized group. It’s not the sort of conspiracy that requires regular meetings, secret handshakes and disappearing ink. Nor must the conspirators be anti-patriotic or selfish in their intent.

All it takes is for the management of government agencies to believe it’s OK for them to violate the responsibilities of their office and the chain of command in order to frustrate, obstruct or prevent Presidential policy from being implemented. And for them to direct their personnel accordingly.

A slow-motion coup needn’t be like a mutiny on a ship. All that’s required is for individuals in strategic positions of authority – the key leadership at the FBI and Justice Department, for instance – to decide to undermine the duly-elected President, to prevent him from effectively leading the nation; and ultimately, to find useful levers with which to remove him from office, either by impeachment, or through rigged court proceedings, or simply by damaging and overcoming his electability in the next election.

Can you say, “Special Counsel”?

Many are quick to point out that the FBI and DOJ are now run by Trump’s appointees. But the Office of Special Counsel was empowered before those ranks were filled. Robert Mueller himself was interviewed and turned down for the top slot at the FBI before he was named Special Counsel.

Those atop the FBI, the DOJ, and Mueller’s team may all be registered Republicans, but I doubt very seriously whether any of them (excepting Jeff Sessions) voted for Trump. Nor will they likely vote for Trump in 2020 – no matter how well things might be going in the nation.

If they could snap their fingers and have Trump replaced by any of the sixteen Primary opponents that lost to Trump, I have no doubt that they would do so.

Recent revelations of the obvious anti-Trump bias among those on the Mueller team make it pretty clear that the whole point of that effort is, and has always been, to snap those metaphorical fingers.

Otherwise, Mueller would by now have admitted publicly that there is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and either closed that circus down, or brought in some new acts.

Mueller‘s team is the very embodiment of Deep-State power. Those folks don’t give a Damn who you voted for. Their focus is, simply: To find some way to get rid of Trump. No matter how many laws, regulations, policies or protocols they might need to break to accomplish that.

Nor do they care whether you approve or not.

Anti-Trumpers believe (still!) that they need to save the country from Trump. That is clearly a misguided sentiment, though not necessarily anti-patriotic. But to “save” the country by handing it over to Progressives would be as anti-American as you can get. Because Progressives don’t want to save America. They want to “fundamentally change” America. (Remember that little nugget of Obama campaign veracity?)

By now it is abundantly clear that President Trump is not the bogeyman-devil-lunatic that Democrats caricatured him to be. He’s a true patriot with sincere, sometimes unconventional, mostly-Conservative notions about how to fix the country. And he’s working harder than any other President ever has to achieve that. You don’t have to agree with his policies; and if you don’t, you’re free to oppose them.

But treating Trump like the Devil-incarnate is stupid, unhinged and contrary to the best interests of the country.

And if it results in the Progressive Democrats regaining power, the Never-Trumpers in the Republican camp will have to live with the truth that they will have been part of a slow, deliberate, almost incessant takeover of America by fundamentally non-American sentiments; by fundamentally Socialist globalist values.

Are they willing to live with that?

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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