Deliberate Anarchy


By Michael Greer

Let me ask you, is assault and battery still a crime?  Is damaging property still a crime? How about looting? Setting fires to cars or businesses?  Isn’t the above flyer inciting violence? Isn’t that against the law? And isn’t the job of the police to protect citizens and arrest lawbreakers?  By what legal authority do the police chiefs of Berkley, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc. have to order their officers to stand down when these illegal acts are happening before their eyes?

Without the Rule of Law we have anarchy. That is what we are living with today.  America has been successful because we’ve had a civilized society where we respected each other’s individual liberty and different opinions.  As a whole we respected the Rule of Law.  We believed we were a country of laws not men.  Why has this changed?

There are those on both sides of the aisle who refuse to enforce our immigration laws for various reasons. As we’ve allowed more and more people to enter our country illegally, as our public officials have turned a blind eye to the variety of laws being broken, identity fraud, employing illegals, tax fraud, voter fraud etc. respect for the law is eroded.  And as illegal aliens see public officials ignore the law and defend them, they see no reason to respect our laws.  We are filling our country with people who believe the Rule of Law is arbitrary.

We have Judges not just ignoring the legal status of criminals but aiding and abetting them.  In Boston an illegal alien UBER driver, Luis Baez, raped a woman UBER sent him to pick up.  ICE asked for high bail as he had been deported twice, was a repeat offender of Class A felonies and a flight risk but before ICE could even finish their argument the Judge gave Baez a $2500 bail and he disappeared.

In Maryland, charges against two illegal aliens accused of raping a 14 year old girl in their school bathroom have been dropped.  Although no reason was given, and the victim’s story hasn’t changed, the assumption is that the sex was consensual.  Have the statutory rape laws change?  Legally, a 14 year old can’t consent to sex. Apparently, our laws don’t apply to illegal aliens.  The boys are still facing child pornography charges but, nevertheless, the state feels an obligation to educate the young men.

In Oregon, Multnomah County Judge, Monica Heeranz, helped an illegal alien elude ICE agents waiting outside the courtroom by allowing him to use the Judge’s private entrance to escape.  We have the expectation that our judicial system is going to uphold our laws. Isn’t Justice supposed to be blind? Aren’t our laws supposed to be applied equally, regardless of race, religion or gender?  Apparently, only American citizens are to be held to the letter of the law.

In another case an illegal alien committed $35,000 in food stamp fraud. The Judge told her if she were an American she’d be facing serious charges, but because he didn’t want to get her deported he let her go without consequences.  She wasn’t even required to pay the money back. Does anyone doubt if any American citizen committed, tax fraud, identity fraud, food stamp fraud, etc. they’d be held accountable?

As egregious as the previous examples, I’m even more concerned about how violent Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other anarchist groups have become.  How free speech is under assault and how our police departments are standing down and allowing it to happen.  How do property owners feel having the police stand there watching anarchists destroy their property?  How do the victims of violence feel as the police watch them being beaten?

If you’ve seen video of the riots (and they ARE riots, not protests) you’ve seen masked men dresses in black attacking people defending free speech.  In the attached video the man beating the Trump supporter with a bike lock is a Professor at Diablo Valley College, Eric Clanton. Ironically, he teaches “ethics”. I’d love to hear his explanation of the ethics of beating people with a bike lock. Our tax dollars are paying him to indoctrinate our children with his version of ethics.  He cares nothing about free speech. He cares nothing about diverse ideas or the Rule of Law.  We survived 240 years being a country that respected the right of the individual to have diverse ideas. And for the last several centuries no one was insisting everyone accept their world view or be beaten, not allowed to speak, have their character assassinated, or lose their livelihood.

They are now.

College used to be about the free exchange of ideas.  It used to be a time for students to test their limits, defend their positions, debate, explore and hear new ideas.  Today, most Professors are Progressives and you are only hearing the Progressive  doctrine.  You only hear socialism is good, capitalism is bad.  You aren’t exposed to anything else.  You haven’t been taught civics, the value of the Constitution, or the Federalist papers. You aren’t taught respect for the Rule of Law.  You see nothing wrong with just ignoring laws you don’t like.  You live in a bubble with only one point of view expressed.  But what if that point of view is wrong?  Does it not occur to you that if you can silence others, you can be silenced too? What makes you think angels will be in charge of the government you want to provide everything for you? May I ask the darling Snowflakes what you are afraid of? No one is forcing you to listen to a speaker you disagree with.  You have the right to stay home.  But what right do you have to deny others their right to hear a speaker?  What right do you have to beat people and destroy property? How does a different point of view harm you? You talk about “diversity and inclusiveness” but you don’t want diversity of ideas or to be inclusive of people you disagree with.  College is a time for you to mature.  I have some disturbing information for you, in the real world there will be no “safe spaces” and you will be offended by many things people say and do.  There will be no trigger warnings or protection from micro-aggressions.

When we become a nation of men not laws, we all lose.

Michael GreerMichael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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