Democratic Debate: They promised a ‘bunch of free stuff’




sildenafil arial, click sans-serif;”>By  Ed McGarvey

and arial,sans-serif;”>Watching the Democratic Debate I saw a call for more free stuff. I saw a call for more amnesty, free college. More free Obama care coverage. The one thing I did not see was how we were going to pay for all this. We have $18 trillion in National Debt and counting with an unfunded $230 trillion over time. Wait, did we not just see a report that they made a mistake of $2.7 Trillion and the Debt is really $21 trillion. Across the Nation more Cities are filing for Bankruptcy coverage and then the Federal Government declares we have a robust economy. Social security recipients will be getting a notice that they will not see a increase in their monthly payments, ( no cola ) no cost of living increase. Someone is lying; someone is cooking the books to make the Country look better than it really is.

The Country is plagued with over size Government. Here is a list app of all the Government Agencies from A to Z, . Somewhere around a 1,000 -+ agencies; all costing us $4 trillion each year in our Budget. The majority of these agencies are not needed or not needed full time. Government does not want simplification. Government wants the people to need Government. The Government creates the tax code so huge that no one truly understands it making the Government needed. Affordable Health care with 25000 pages of laws rules and restrictions. It was designed to make you dependent on Government.

Immigration both legal and illegal end up costing Americans jobs, welfare, food stamps, schooling, housing and medical services while we do not take care of the returning Military personnel wounded in action. The five Democrat Presidential Candidates want to increase the Illegal aliens to receive much more benefits. We have 90 million people today not working with only a 59% of work age population with a job. Illegal Immigrants end up costing the American people 65 billion each year in services. 7% of them hold down a job. Not picking fruit or farm labor but skilled trades like Carpenters making $35 a hour.

Free College education was the topic on the Democrat Debate. Federal Government holds somewhere around $7 trillion in College Guaranteed funding. If we just take that figure where is all that money coming from. Free College sounds good, but lets talk about what percentage of the Graduates that actually find work in their field. 12%, yes only 12% find a job they took classes to obtain credentials for. So many end up working at Wal-Mart or other low paying jobs. The bright mind with low work ethics is that what we want to pay for?

Finally the Candidates mentioned Obama care. Increasing coverage’s. HUH? I thought the 25,000 page law covered all that. Oh wait they want to give it for free to some but did not mention just whom would receive it for free. The entire Democratic Debate was a plea for your vote with we will give you more free things just vote for us.

I can see a simple solution to our economy. Simple tax code where a flat tax in implemented. The flat tax would eliminate 1000’s of hidden taxes, fees and regulations that make a 29 cent loaf of Bread cost $2.00. If you receive welfare you also are paying all those hidden taxes. Corporations find loopholes in the laws and pay no taxes yet they have hundreds of hidden taxes they pay. Eliminating all those hidden taxes and the large cooperation’s pays 28% flat tax on profits.

The graduated tax flat tax would tax everyone at 10% for the first $50,000. Yes even welfare recipients are required to pay the 10% tax through a work program. We have schools that need help, we have local, county and state buildings that need cleaned windows washed, lawns mowed and the list goes on. Above $50,000 the graduated tax could be 12% up to $100,000 and 15% up to $250,000 and work its way up to the 28%. The federal Government would exceed its revenue now through elimination of the majority of IRS. Those who do not pay any taxes are actually paying 50 cents on the dollar for all those hidden taxes, so the money they would get will now go 50% further. Minimum wage earners will now see their money go 50% father as well.

During the debate not much was mention on creating jobs, bringing back jobs shipped to overseas. Only one candidate from both the Republicans and Democrats says he will do so. Donald trump claims he will stop funding, stop trade with Countries who have taken away our jobs and have a unfair trade practice with us. What was mentioned was bringing in more immigrants from Muslim nations. Majority of them are unskilled and would only increase the welfare rolls. Increase crime as no standard to vet them to see if they are actually a terrorist, a criminal, or murderer.

Democrats did mention a amnesty where all illegal aliens could become a citizen. They overlook the laws of the land that exist which are that if you sneak into America, you are a invader and it is a felony. Immigration laws also if you overstay your visa you are to be immediately deported and barred from ever entering USA again. This is not what the Democrats want, they claim that these people regardless as to anything should be allowed to remain. Criminals, Rapists, Murderers, Felons to child molesters will receive a unconditional pardon and amnesty. They will be free to commit their crimes all over again as many are repeat offenders. I believe the laws on the books are straight forward, if you hire a illegal alien you are guilty, if you house a illegal alien you are guilty. If you are here in America illegally you are guilty. Those existing laws says 100% of all illegal aliens could not pass a background check.

You may think I am a republican, well sort of. I am actually a Conservative. I do not believe in any hand outs, welfare or anything. I believe that if you lose your job, you go live with a family member till they kick your butt out. If you don’t work you don’t eat. Now I do believe in helping those who are so severely disabled they cannot work. But they have family as well. I do not believe in attacking another Nation for no reason but believe we should have the largest the strongest well equipped military on earth, Safety through strength. I do not believe we as humans should play God and abort babies. Nor do I believe that God messed up and you are really a girl in a man’s body. For those two reasons I could never support a Democrat.

Want something in life, work hard for it, there are never any reason to commit a crime. Never steal, lie or cheat. When someone does you wrong say I forgive you and thank them for never again being trusted by you. The Country cannot go on as we are; we need to completely rework Government and what services they do for us. Something happens to a politician from the time they are voted for and the time they reach Washington D.C. Greed and power hunger takes over. For this reason I support term limits, lower pay for not doing the will of the people. I 100% support the Constitution as written, no courts or president should make their own laws. I believe we should all live by the Ten Commandments as those laws are just. Do not steal, do not kill, do not mess with your neighbors wife and so forth. Separation of Church and state is not needed, if you do not like you state, move, if you do not like your Church move.
With that I say may God Bless America and you have a wonderful safe life. Be happy Enjoy one another.

Ed McGarvey is from Oxnard.  He is now retired and living in Pennsylvania

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