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    Democrats are Reprehensible Part II



    By Dan Reynolds

    I’ve always wondered where the idea of the Democratic Party came from. Where it originated and why. Nothing ever made sense when I researched their origins. I was also trying to figure out why the Ford Motor company of all places decided to have a Sociology Department and how in its weird collaboration process corresponded with the Democrats to monitor and control the population to some sort of maligned design. 

    This movie Part IV:  explains in detail  what has happened to our democratic and republic values, and this is just the beginning. You see, to understand how far back this goes we now have to leave the moment of truth in that time of the Ford Company when a short time later the Textile Industry workers of Women went on Strike in 12 U.S. States which were all Democrat by the way. The women strikers were beaten and Bayonetted and killed for striking. The orders to harm the strikers came from the Democratic Leaders.

    So where did this all start and where is it all heading. So lets jump back to 1884 with the creation of the Fabian Society.(Glenn Beck video link below: Time Stamp: 18min 50 sec.) This Fabian Society was created after the name of the Roman Emperor Quintus Fabius meaning the delayer. Fabius was famous for battling Hannibal’s forces during the second Punic War. Where his Fabius’s tactics became later known as Guerrilla warfare. But why is this important?

    Well, when we get into this discussion it is made clear the complexity of the design to remove our freedoms and our rights as human beings under this Deep State and the design to collapse all Governments who do not submit to Deep State Rule…which is at the heart of our United States foreign policy. But this issue isn’t happening across the globe. We have States here in the USA who are targeted and I do say under siege by Deep State operatives. But this cannot be completely proven…yet. I’m only stating the obvious. Only pointed to at the moment. But as we move forward we will see what has unfolded and where we are at not just in our society as a nation but where we are at as human beings. What changes we must make if we are to keep our constitution and our rights as human beings….note. I did say “rights as human beings”.

    One last bit of this. George Bernard Shaw. The famous playwright. Well, if you like him. Then you must like rooms filled with gas…as in gas chambers. Yah. This guy created that.(Glenn Beck video link below time stamp: 22min. 17 sec.)

    I’m pulling a lot from Glenn Becks video because in my own way I’ve been looking at other pictures that Mr. Beck doesn’t talk about here. But when we look and compare the work of Mr. Beck and the work of others I’m laying out in here there is a thread that is extremely well woven together as pieces of a big…very big…chess puzzle.

    So lets keep moving forward.  When we look at tax evasion we have to wonder how and why this came out to be such a concern. It all started with religion in my research of the topics of tax evasion.

    But then it grew into charities and non-profits. Because after all originally charities and non-profits didn’t keep the money when they were first operating. They were spending the money to help those in need…and I do mean all of it. Or so we were told. Enter phase two….Cities under siege: 

    Here and its not just in this video which is focused in primarily in one state. But this is happening across the United Sates of America. Where the local towns have problems paying their city, county and state employees and where public schools are failing because the schools are not receiving proper funds from the local city, county and states. Its all due to people especially non profits and churches who feel its within their rights to not pay tax dollars even though they know that it’s the taxes that fund education and public services such as roads, bridges…etc. But here is the clinker. This is all a much bigger design to cause states to fail as well as cities and counties. Why? So those who want to be the ruling families and class of families under the Fabian code…will. 

    When we look hard at Hydra in the movie called Avengers. This was Hydra’s rule. Ironically whether Stan Lee was writing about Hydra knowing its actual application all these years in the world…in our time, I will never know. But we must look hard at this movie and compare to what has happened to our United States State Department, CIA, FBI and intelligence communities. The reality is that we are suffering the Hydra style operations in action.  Some say as is made clear in these videos listed above and below that there is a movement to privatize everything from Governments to education.

    The problem in doing this: 

    1. In Privatization the privateers call the shots of who, like cult leaders, decide who gets an education and to what level of an education. 
    2. Who gets to live and who gets to die without proper court hearings or proper representation…due process of civil rights or civil rights laws. 
    3. Who gets to be married and with whom. 
    4. Who is allowed to have children. Yes, these have all been proven to be the case in many cults.

    So what is the difference between Hydra, Non-Profits, and NGO’s? Not much when we truly look hard at how they operate. Long hours. Little pay of employees. Failing to pay taxes while the leaderships make millions annually. Rules that if you attend a political campaign convention you might lose your job.(Which was my experience). Causing dissent in countries to affect an outcome that benefits only the cult leadership. In this case not America leadership. But Deep State Leadership who are in the long term ruling under the Fabian Code.

    Watch the entire Glenn Beck video below. The 27 Minute mark starts the discussion on the foundation of how and why the Deep State came to be under the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson after the end of WWI.

    So what can we do? Become educated. Know the differences. Recognize the differences and understand fact from theory. Understand reality from lies. Understand media hype and propaganda from the truth. Become familiar with the truth, search and seek the truth. Then turn to the codes of laws our founders left for us to follow and build. Then unify with like minded to find ways to stop and dismantle the Deep State before it controls all of us and removes our ability to be Human Beings.

    Again become educated. Main links below to research everything I’ve talked about in here.

    Mr. Glenn Beck asked us during the live stream to research everything he has talked about. To become educated as Americans. I’m requesting the readers of to do the same !

    Let the education begin!

    Video References:

    Watch Part IV of:

    Total video Time: 1:50:05

    Glenn Beck Document Facts Dump:

    Youtube Glenn Beck The Democrats’ Hydra:  Total Time of Vid: 1/59:39

    Time Stamp: 18min. 50 sec. point of reference to the Fabian Society. This is key to understanding how the movement is operating in the USA and across the globe.

    Time Stamp: 22min. 17 sec – George Bernard Shaw

    Time Stamp: 27min. 0 sec. The Foundation and Creation of the Deep State under Woodrow Wilsons Presidency after the end of WWI !

    The Real News Network:

    Total Video time: 22Min. 54 sec.

    Website Reference:

    Cult Reference Questionnaire:


    Collusion: by Nomi Prins.

    Unfreedom of the Press: by Mark Levin

    Permanent Record: by Edward Snowden.


    First editorial: Democrats are Reprehensible

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Dan Reynolds is a resident Ventura County

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