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    By Dan Reynolds

    Our elected Democrats are reprehensible. Time and again it has been proven that the Clinton’s are nothing more than the lowest life force who give the perception they control the DNC and the media. 

    Let’s take a look at Joe Biden as an additional example who is more than happy to accuse President Trump of false crimes. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s who’s own behavior, and crooked dealings, used the Vice Presidents Office to throw his weight around in Ukraine and China on behalf of his family’s interests should have him in jail and if released from jail barred from holding any Political Office ever again, or any lobbyist position.

    Yet Joe Biden is actually running for President of the United States! More than likely to bury his tracks and make it impossible to investigate his family’s global dealings.

    See for yourself the REAL story of what went on in the Ukraine. Listen or watch Glenn Beck explain how the Democrats asked Ukrainian Officials to stop Trump from being elected…and of course everyone has heard how back then Vice President Joe Biden enriched his Son by helping his son get that great company position. Then a few years later threatened Ukraine not to investigate that company or his son by using the power of our U.S. Billion Dollar aid package as leverage to stop the investigation. This is a criminal offense. Former Vice President Biden must be held accountable. This is the FULL 2hr Video!

    However, former Vice President Biden’s crime is being swept under the rug by trying to force our nation to accept the Democratic line that President Trump committed an impeachable offense via a phone call that wasn’t a crime at all, but these accusations against President Trump allows the Democrats to ignore the Democrats own history of criminal activity in Ukraine. Apparently there is more to the Ukraine fiasco than what the news is reporting and what Glenn Beck has discussed thus far. Once again our U.S. Democratically led Congress is hiding the truth only to push the news media to throw mud at President Trump by keeping the American People focused on one thing. To Impeach President Trump!

    The Democratic news limelight still shines on attempts to trap President Trump. Instead of allowing the Republican House of Representatives to run their own investigation into what really went on in Ukraine.

    While we are on the discussion about Democrats lets turn to the DNC and its operating news behavior:

    According to the below links, CNN refused to run a Trump campaign ad questioning Biden’s role in the Ukraine. This is how far the DNC backed news media will go to hide the truth.

    The Democratic news reporting is worse than useless. It’s deliberate propaganda at the American people filled with lies and misinformation which can be considered mud slinging with a single purpose to deceive the people of the USA from ever knowing the truth of the crimes the Dems commit in Nepotism and far, far worse! In a moment will touch on something that is being called Neo Liberalism.

    Our country the USA was founded in an effort to get away from problems Nepotism causes to the local population of a country, city, county, state levels in the form of homelessness, destitution, land grabs, forced selling of children to keep ones farm. But the Dems found a way backed by the Central Bank of Wall Street, the war machine, and Neo Liberalism to ensure the Dems Nepotism continues to thrive in California, across the United Sates, and across the world. How the Neo Liberalism fits in here is quite honestly well planned and thought out.

    Here is a good explanation of what is happening in the Neo Liberalism world at the following website. Unfortunately however, Neo Liberalism doesn’t affect the Democratic Party but also the Republican Party.

    One more point on this part about Neo Liberalism and capitalism is in this Ted Talk by Nick Hanauer:

    We truly don’t have to go far to see the problems the political parties have caused our Country, along with an over speculative real estate market. Look hard at San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and their homeless populations. Many of these individuals were priced out of their homes, or lost their homes during the 2008 fabricated housing crisis. Many…far too many homes were illegally foreclosed on. Not enough people were given their homes back or even a proper financial award to recover. So we look at these people on the streets who by Neo Liberalism design are given no ability to reclaim their lives. Now the homeless are now called “a problem”. Apparently an “eye sore” to the freedom of capitalism, the freedom of Neo Liberalism. As though capitalism and freedom of capitalism is all for one and one for none. Meaning capitalism is a war against the masses. Have to be clear here…the Republican Party and their cry for freedom of capitalism are just as guilty as the Democratic Party and the Neo Liberals when it comes to helping create the problem of the Homeless and the war on anyone who is not a capitalist.

    So where does this lead us in our future? Here is a unique discussion we need to consider:

    The Fall of The Democratic Party…The DNC and should the RNC fall into this discussion as well?

    Why the fall?

    Well quite frankly the DNC needs to be called an illegitimate organization.

    A legitimate organization follows the rule of law, and follows the rules it sets out to obey…rules and guidelines that are often times laid out in the organizations mission statement.

    The DNC has issues: ;

    The DNC makes these claims and some of it yes, they do attempt to follow. But when we look at the results of all the years the DNC has been in operation has the DNC been in favor of letting the United States Democratic Voters choose the candidates? When the candidates got elected and served in office can we really say the elected candidates actions are subjected to the DNC’s ownership of the candidates? Or how about the DNC following the rule of election laws? Or the DNC putting wealthy backed individuals into office instead of those who are backed by the majority of the community. Which brings a thought of why Tom Styer is on stage?

    The DNC has tossed out the rule of law even though the law is written in the Constitution, Government rules and regulations. But these rules of Government laws are typically ignored by Government Subcontractors under the premise that because they are a subcontract by a Federal Government Agency they don’t have to uphold the laws or an oath to the Constitution of the Untied States of America even though the subcontractors are 100% funded by tax payer dollars, and are contracted by Congress. It seems that the DNC follows this premise as well while the DNC loyalists are pre-selected and then elected into Government positions.

    The DNC is in fact at fault for the 2016 debacle as well as when President Clinton was elected back in the 1990’s when the former presidential candidate Bill Clinton accepted campaign funds from the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). The DNC was supposed to make this fact of Foreign Government funds backing a Presidential candidate illegal and force the candidate, then Mr. Clinton, from ever running for President. But perhaps the DNC instead must’ve taken a healthy payment from back then candidate Mr. Bill Clinton to keep the Chinese Government Funds from becoming a serious issue? Which led candidate Mr. Bill Clinton to becoming President because the funds from the CCP was the turning point in the Clinton campaign.

    From present day, to days past of long ago… all the way back to Theodore Roosevelt the DNC has been choosing the Presidential Candidate or Vice Presidential candidates they liked and could control on behalf the Wealthy DNC members and Neo Liberals.

    At the end of the 2019 4th Democratic Debate CNN boasted who CNN thought came out on top with little mention of the other candidates when CNN squashed the other candidates from being aired by the so called 4th Post Debate Spin Room.

    The priority of those who got aired were “the favorites” while the ones that didn’t get aired I’m guessing were not considered? Why? Polls? No. Loyalty to the DNC? Must be the case because in my opinion the actions taken represent who the DNC and CNN favors to be the DNC candidate? Possibly. Case for my opinion here: I was live streaming the 4th Democratic Debate and when the debate was done CNN switched to the 4th Post Debate Spin Room to interview the candidates to get feedback from the candidates about the debate. During Elizabeth Warrens interview the live stream was cut off demanding me to sign in using cable company, or satellite TV providers sign in feature. Meaning I had to sign in using my TV providers account information. This means I sign in using my privacy information. But here is the problem. When we do this signing into a live stream service at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS…etc. these companies charge our cable provider or satellite TV provider a nominal fee per live stream or on demand stream that is more than what it would cost us to go see an afternoon showing at a movie theater.

    What CNN did was in fact shut down the 4th Post Debate Spin Room. Candidates like Tulsi Gabbard never got aired. How do I know this? When the CNN live stream cut off  I went back into the living room and was watching the TV feed via the satellite Provider and Elizabeth Warren was still on air. The 4th Debate Spin Room was then cut off as well and the program went back into a direct re-run of the full 4th Democratic Debate right when I received a text letting me know my favorite candidate was being interviewed live in the 4th Debate Spin Room….which was not being aired at that moment…yet this event was “live”. So CNN never aired my favorite candidate whom I surmising came on after Tulsi Gabbard? This in fact, in my opinion shows the DNC controlled CNN News Network operating at their finest!

    Here is another problem with this act: CNN 4th Democratic National Debate 2019 including the Spin Room was funded by tax payer dollars and dollars we donated to our favorite candidates. CNN does not and never did have the authority to turn a Federal Government funded event such as 4th Debate Spin Room live stream into a private for profit event by forcing us to pay via our TV, Cable, Internet, or Satellite Providers. This violates federal laws when tax payer dollars are paying for the event coverage to the very network covering the event and airing the event!

    Look, the line the DNC is feeding us the public, is the following: The DNC Candidates are yelling its about beating Trump as though this is the only thing the people of the United States will understand.

    My concerns is that what the truth may be is the DNC is vying for full control over Washington D.C. in order to cover up their crimes in Washington D.C., across the United States of America, across the world, and in so doing keeps perpetuating that Trump is the enemy. It is also about keeping the Swamp in power and the war machine as an ongoing global genocidal event. Is this why Joe Biden is back in the mix to run for President? Uncertain. But we have to wonder. Also what is this the reason Tom Styer of all people was allowed to pay 47 Million to be on stage when he said he is concerned about America and climate change? Heck, this is no coincidence? What does Tom Styer hope to truly gain? We need a reality check here. So if every American paid 47 Million directly to the DNC then any one of us could be on stage right next to Tom Styer, Joe Biden and the other candidates? I never signed a DNC poll saying Mr. Styer was in my thoughts of being a candidate….did you? Did the DNC pay another D+ rated polling company to give Tom Styer the needed polling credits? Or was it Mr. Styer who paid a D+ polling station to come up with the fake numbers to qualify? The answers on this seem skewed. Isn’t it coincidence that Tom Styer was magically allowed to attend the 4th Democratic Debate of 2019 without proper polling numbers and yet two women who met the 3rd Democratic Debate of 2019 were not allowed to attend? Gender inequality at hand here or simply the Clinton’s and the DNC are afraid?

    The founders warned eons ago that the real problem that will destroy our Country are politicians who loyal themselves to the various political parties above the Constitution of the United Sates of America and the people of the United States of America! This was just one reason of many why our founders fled the East and came to the west. Most of our founders…not all were Statesmen…and were not Neo Liberals.

    Awhile ago… I think it was 2010? Jesse “The Body” Ventura…A.K.A. Former Governor Ventura, explained what a Statesman is when Governor Ventura did his book discussion at the Clinton’s School of Public Service…ugh…of all places.

    Jesse Ventura’s Book Discussion here:

    Oh, and one more thing…this one is a doozy. I feel bad for the State Department Personnel who have to be grilled about the following debacle.


    In closing:

    Keep looking for truth and don’t let the main stream media spin lies into our hearts, minds, and thoughts as free people of the United States of America. By allowing lies into us we only become automatons and this is what the DNC and the Neo Liberals want…for ALL of US. Which is why they are pushing the adventure of robots to be introduced into our lives…right?  We need a global Tribunal to end Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and to end a Robotic society from forming! This will not end anywhere near good for our planet or for any form of life if Robots become fully A.I. and a norm in our society. As long as the Political parties fight, Robots develop. This is not a coincidence. This is planned.

    Dan Reynolds is a resident Ventura County

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