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    Denmark BANS All COVID Shots for Most People Under the Age of 50

    For the Right News,  9/14/22

    The cognitive dissonance for vaccine fanatics here in the US is about to become louder than a jet engine. Denmark has now banned COVID shots for virtually every single on of its citizens under the age of 50. This comes on the heels of the UK banning shots for all children under the age of 12 just a couple of weeks ago.

    And like the UK shot ban, the media is refusing to cover the fact that Denmark is no longer allowing people to get these experimental mRNA shots that are not actually vaccines. Will wonders never cease?

    Now, you might be thinking, “Wait a second! The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration here in the US say that these shots are safe AND effective. What possible reason could Denmark have for banning the shots for people under 50? They’re trying to murder granny!”

    The reason for this is because Denmark is some backwater Third World jungle country, obviously. They don’t have electricity or flush toilets there. The “medical system” in Denmark, such as it is, consists of witch doctors with bones through their noses who treat ailments by eating psychedelic mushrooms and chasing evil spirits away, and who predict the weather by reading chicken entrails.

    Not only that, but – oh, wait. Oops. My editor is informing me that this is actually the Denmark in Europe, where they have flush toilets and an advanced healthcare system just like us here in America. So, they’re not a bunch of superstitious yokels.

    The Danish Health Authority now says that unless a person under age 50 is at risk of severe illness from COVID, they can’t get a shot or a booster. Cancer patients and others with weakened immune systems will still be able to get the shots, but the vast majority of Danes under 50 are now banned from any more shots. Just to be clear: They’re not discouraging healthy under-50s from getting the shots. They’re banning them from getting them.

    Denmark’s healthcare system is considered one of the best in all of Europe. They’ve done a great job of tracking COVID infections, deaths, vaccinations and other statistics – especially when compared to the CDC here in America. Although the Danish Health Authority doesn’t explicitly say that it believes the shots are more dangerous than COVID itself, they’re definitely implying that the shots are more dangerous than COVID itself for people under 50.

    Denmark was also the first country to ban the shots for kids under 18. The UK followed suit at the end of August by banning the shots for kids under 12. While they haven’t announced that the risks of the shots outweigh the risks of COVID yet, Denmark does seem to be admitting that natural immunity is far better than the short-term immunity that the failed vaccines provide. They’re expecting a big wave of COVID to hit this fall. Yet they’re not scrambling to vaccinate their citizens. Instead, they’re pretty much saying that people should go ahead and catch COVID and then recover it, because natural immunity is preferable.

    That’s shocking, since the shots are so safe and effective.

    European nations are starting to give an honest assessment of the COVID shots, and they are concluding that the risk-to-reward ratio is not in favor of vaccination. Natural immunity is far preferable, especially for healthy younger people. This is the exact opposite approach from what we are hearing from the CDC and the FDA here in America. In fact, the federal government is still allowing taxpayer-funded institutions to force young people to get these shots.

    All branches of the military are kicking servicemembers out if they refuse the shots, even on religious First Amendment grounds. Colleges and universities are forcing young, healthy students to get booster shots this fall, under threat of denying them an education. Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will not allow black children in her city to get an education unless they get a COVID shot.

    The Biden regime could step in at any time and put a stop to these vaccine mandates, but that would require two things to happen. First, they’d have to take the bones out of their noses and start practicing actual medical science. And second, they’d have to be willing to stop taking so much money from Pfizer and Moderna. So, it’s going to be a while before that happens.


    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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    16 days ago

    Denmark got an A+ in my book! people in US must stop taking the experiment jab, if they know what’s good for them and if they want to live a bit longer.

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