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    Did The Fat Lady Sing Already?

    by Phil Erwin

    Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s a terribly non-PC aphorism. I’ll probably be labeled “sexist” for using it. Might even be called a “weight-ist” or “obese-ist,”  ‘cept those don’t really roll off the tongue.

    Actually, most people who use the phrase probably don’t even know where it came from. ‘Cause, ya know… There just ain’t that many people here who know opera.

    But here’s the thing: The electoral Fat Lady ain’t sung yet! Despite the entire Left half of the country dancing in the streets, and Fox News calling Joe Biden the “President-elect”, and Ole Joe hisself showing off the widest set of too-perfect teeth anybody ever wore, the plain truth is that the election is not yet concluded. Not all ballots have been counted, not all precincts and states have reported.

    Even more to the point: There are going to be multiple court battles going on simultaneously for at least a couple of weeks, during which time there won’t be an actual President-elect. There will only be a pretender.

    And if Biden is the ultimate “victor” in this election – meaning, not that he won, but that the Democrat machine awarded him the election by means of outrageous manipulation (that’s a polite way of saying “stealing it”) he will only be a pretender President. He will not be making decisions any more consequential than what to order for lunch.

    And he might have to ask for help with that.

    Joe Biden is clearly past the point in his life where he can be an effective leader, an important policy wonk, a forefront-thinking Future-maker. Those things will all be done for him and through him, if the Democrats prevail in installing him as President.

    Oh, he’ll show up at a bunch of televised meetings, banquets, conferences and the like. He’ll host a few carefully-chosen foreign dignitaries. He’ll be smiling that weird smile for a million pictures. Maybe sniff a few heads when no one’s looking. But he’ll be making no decisions of consequence for the nation.

    That’ll be done for him. By whomever the Democrat Party tells him to put in his Cabinet, assign to his team of first-stringers, and anoint for Administration power-posts.

    Your nation will be run 100% by Democrat Party choices – and of course, by whatever billionaire powerbrokers are pulling their strings.

    Yeah, it will change the nation. We can’t be sure yet just how much and how fast. That’s because we don’t know yet who’s gonna run the Senate. There are still two races in Georgia that won’t be decided for a couple of months, and the outcomes there will determine just how far and fast the Democrat Party can push the nation into Leftist-Socialist-Communist-Fascist Hell.

    But one thing we have all learned for sure as a result of this election is that it is possible to steal the American Presidency, by taking over all Media/Social-Media outlets.

    If you own the Media, you own the People’s pathways to the Truth.

    And a lot of people will swallow everything you tell ’em, without question, without pausing to think. The Media no doubt consider those to be “good people,” very pleasant to talk to. Very easy to direct. To control.

    To get ’em dancing in the streets for no good reason.

    But not everyone is so easy. There are some pesky folk who absolutely insist on getting things as right as possible. They just refuse to swallow every lie you try to shove down their throats. They demand useless things, like… Reason. Common sense. Demonstrable facts. Workable theories.

    You know… Things like Truth!

    Damn them!

    It’s those trouble-making bastards that got in the way of Democrats sweeping Queen Hillary to the High Throne that she so deserved!!

    It’s those gun-toting, Walmart-shopping, work-smelling bastards that flocked by the tens of thousands to hear Donald Trump explain why he oughtta be re-elected President. You know, stupid things he kept pointing out, like: The best American economy ever. Best employment and lowest unemployment stats ever for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, HS grads. First Mid-East peace accords in decades. Ending endless overseas wars. All but eliminating the ISIS threat. Getting NATO allies to actually share the burden of preparedness. Talking North Korea away from a nuclear confrontation. Cajoling and coordinating drug companies to shorten the time to develop a new vaccine from 4 years to just 1.

    All the stupid stuff that no other Presidents even bothered with very much – or even thought to do – much less succeeded at.

    That Donald Trump, he sure has been a different kind of President. You know… The kind that gets important, long-lasting, widely-benefiting, peace-promoting, nation-uplifting things done!

    No wonder half the country hates him so.

    He’s showed ’em what they will never, ever be able to do.

    Because they do not know how.

    If you voted for Biden because you were voting against Donald Trump… I just wonder what the hell you were thinking! The man accomplished more in 4 years than any other President in a full 8 years – and this despite having an enormous Democrat albatross hung ’round his neck every single day of his Presidency, in the form of endless and pointless investigations, a stupid (and fraudulent) impeachment, a constant barrage of Congressional Democrat lies and a national Media that echoed every single lie endlessly.

    To say nothing of a pandemic that looked, for a couple of months, like it might kill off the entire global population.

    Did you actually stop to ask yourself how he could accomplish what he has with all that baggage weighing him down? Did you ever wonder how much he might have managed without that extraordinary Democrat drag? Did you ever wonder how many previous Presidents could have succeeded at all if they’d had to fight such extraordinary headwinds every single moment?

    How many would have given up instead?

    If you never stopped to ponder those questions, and you voted against Donald Trump anyway, shame on you!! Take yourself directly to the electoral doghouse, and stay there for the next two elections! You don’t deserve to be in the presence of real American voters.

    But if you voted for Joe Biden because you actually believe that somehow he can do better than Trump… Well, there’s just nothing anyone can say to you that will make a whit of difference. You obviously don’t think for yourself.

    You’re just another Media-bot.

    As for the allegedly-newsworthy FOX: Send the Fat Lady back to her dressing room, tell her to take a load off. Have a diet soda or two.

    Her scene ain’t up just yet.

    Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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    3 years ago

    Can’t figure out why there was no blue wave with all the fraudulent votes.

    Naomi Fisher
    Naomi Fisher
    3 years ago

    It made me feel better. I smiled through most of it and actually laughed at one point. As usual, WELL DONE!
    We need to re-read this to remind ourselves just how badly the Dems have duped our Nation. Thanks, Phil.

    David Puu
    David Puu
    3 years ago

    Vox populi. Thank you for summing it up.

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