Dina Pielaet Ventura County Community College District Area 1 Trustee Candidate



by Peter K. Godinez, Community Ambassador to Xerox Corporation


Dina Pielaet: Candidate for Ventura County Community College District Area 1 Trustee


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Hello, my name is Dina Pielaet. I am running for the Ventura County Community College Board of Trustees, Area 1.

I love Ventura County. I have lived here for over 44 years. I am a business owner, publisher, non-profit board officer and an end-of-life caregiver. I own a home in Ventura and a studio at the Bell Arts Factory.  I taught at UCSB and at Lynda.com. I am the only candidate who has actually worked for the college district and all 3 Colleges – Ventura, Oxnard and Moorpark. This life experience inspires me to bring a fresh perspective to our community college leadership, while advocating for the best policy responses to state-led requirements. I will lead with creativity, a collaborative spirit, compassion, and civility.

When I began with our community colleges over a decade ago, I helped to launch the Ventura promise – a program that provides free college to first year students. I went on to write and implement a district-wide marketing strategies plan where none existed. My goal was to increase student enrollment and success. I participated in policy and strategy development for all 3 colleges while sitting on numerous Boards, councils and committees. My fellow staff elected me to be their union steward and I was a proud member of the contract negotiations team.

Our colleges need more flexible programs and support for working students, veterans, students with child-care needs, and life long learners. We must provide essential tools needed for students, of any age, to get a degree, and to acquire relevant workplace skills. With industry and cultural partnerships, we can create significant programs that help students get hired locally and earn fair living wages. By investing in green facilities development – we can re-direct financial resources into educational programs. AND we need stronger protocols in place to ensure safety for our college population and surrounding neighborhoods.

• Fast-track pathways so degree earners and skill seekers can finish sooner.
• Class flexibility and more support that meet the needs of working students. 
• Supplemented childcare for students with kids.
• More effective pathways for veterans to get a degree or learn a relevant skill.
• Enhanced on-line interactive programs with new technologies
• Local industry partnerships and employable skills for immediate job placement
• Leverage resources for more counseling and mentoring support for students.
• Create inter-generational programs for adult seniors & life long learners.
• Create Safe Harbor and mental health resources for All Walks of Life.
• Improved benefits for part-time faculty
• Improve campus and neighborhood safety!
• Eliminate Administrative Bullying and discrimination
• Money-saving Green Energy Practices at Ventura, Oxnard and Moorpark Colleges

• Support and promote an Expanded College Campus in Santa Paula.
• Fiscal stewardship and accountability.

I want to raise the bar for collegiality and fruitful collaboration, district-wide. I will support fair benefits and positive working conditions for staff and faculty, including our part-time instructors.

I am not a candidate of politics. I am a candidate of people. I won’t use my Board seat as a political stepping stone. I want to help shape the future for our graduates and skill seekers­ – and, I want to bring community back into our community colleges.

Quality of life through higher education means a community that thrives!

My name is Dina Pielaet. Visit my website at dinapie.org
I would like your support – and your vote – on November 6. Thank you!

Peter K. Godinez is a longtime document management professional in the information services industry, as well as a Citizen of Oxnard who desires to see this community thrive to the best of its abilities and potential.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petergodinez

Peter K. Godinez
Education & Public Sector Account Executive
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Cell: (818) 430-6945

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dina pielaet
2 years ago

This is awesome. Thank You Citizens Journal and thank you Peter Godinez!