Do not let anyone tell you that Republicans cannot win in California | We can and we will win!

According to an L.A. Times poll, 45% of California Democrats do not like the direction the state is going. With Proposition 6 on the ballot (repeal of the gas tax), there will be a large number of conservative and independent voters who will be going to the polls to tell the Democrats in Sacramento that they went too far when they stole approximately $800 per family in order to help fund politicians’ pet projects.

You may have heard that the Republican candidate for governor, John Cox is within 4 or 5 points in the polls. Republicans can win in California if we get out and vote.

As you know I am running for California Secretary of State, the chief election officer in the state. It does not matter if you consider yourself a conservative or a progressive, the need for honest elections is a fundamental principle of living in a republic. Both sides of the political spectrum have concerns about election integrity. Because President Trump talks about millions of non-citizens voting, those on the right share that concern. On the other side, Jill Stein was able to raise millions of dollars because her supporters on the left thought that someone had hacked the voting machines and changed the votes.

According to MIT, California has the third worst elections in the U.S. The good news is, there is someone in California you can vote for who can fix California’s broken elections — the Secretary of State. Please tell your friends and family that regardless of their party affiliation, if they believe #ElectionsMatter, if they want honest elections, then the only person to vote for California Secretary of State is me, Mark Meuser.

In 2016, we saw that voters in Oregon and Washington elected a Republican Secretary of State, even though the voters overwhelmingly elected Democrats in every other race. Today we released our most recent #ElectionsMatter campaign commercial.

Mark Meuser

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