Do you support the Mexican Plutocracy?



John Grant

The Mexican People are wonderful neighbors.

What set of circumstances would cause you to risk your health, and/or, life for a better life? Would you walk through the desert when the temperature is over 110 degrees – without so much as a bottle of water?

Why is it that so many of the people living South of the USA border endure such extremes as walking through the hot desert, paying coyotes for transport, and risking being caught by ICE and returned? 

Is this phenomenon a symptom of a societal illness in Mexico? Is this like most of modern medicine – where the only thing that is normally seen are symptoms, and rarely are the “root causes” fully understood? 

Is it possible that the Plutocracy that runs Mexico views the USA as a “pressure relief valve” for their chaotic society?  Are they unwilling to work on solving their own problems, and just “kick the can” down the road, hoping that the USA will employ their people, while counting on the bonus of those folks sending hard US currency back into Mexico to keep their leaky financial ship afloat? 

And, possibly the most difficult question of all is: Why should we, our children, and our grandchildren suffer the societal and financial burdens put upon us by the failure of the Mexican Plutocracy to provide for their own people?  Mexico is the eleventh largest producer of oil worldwide.  Mexico has many highly desirable and profitable vacation destinations.  Mexico has a thriving agriculture industry.  Why is life so hard for the good people of Mexico?  What is happening down there that is so very terrible, that good decent people risk everything for a chance at a better life in the USA?  

John Grant is a Libertarian, retired Mechanical Engineer, San Fernando Valley native, residing in Oxnard.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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Michael A.
Michael A.
6 months ago

No beef with the Mexican people. But I do question why, when they ingratiate into American society, they SO EASILY fall for the leftist jingoism. Why do they fall for the leftwing nonsense when they themselves are victims of it back home? Sorry, I think that is not so smart.

Martin w
Martin w
7 months ago

A Mexican immigrant I met at local library said she left because there is no upward mobility in Mexico. If no family connections you will forever stay in your economic class!

Master Richie
Master Richie
7 months ago

Well if you wanna know why they keep coming over here just ask them. Most likely they will tell you because law and order is corrupt, gangsters take any earnings made, vicious rape and murder are predominantly riotous.