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    Does the Nuremberg Code (really) Matter?



    The Nuremberg Code is a set of 10 principles on the limits and protections related to human experimentation.

    It was created in 1947 after the horrors of WW II.

    These principles are intended to protect those from forced medical experiments.

    But, do they really apply here in the US?

    In this exclusive video airing on, I explain how the Nuremberg Code is not a law, and while the principles are sound, they are not enforceable in the United States.

    Watch the video to find out my views on the dangers of relying on the Nuremberg Code as a compelling source of law, when we already have federal regulations that limit human experimentation.

    WATCH my video “DOES THE NUREMBERG CODE (really) MATTER?” when you hop on board with us here:

    I filmed this important video when I was out of town, enjoying a visit with a favorite kitty-cat Joey, seen here in the shot!

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    Does the Nuremberg Code (really) matter?

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    Weekly Video Round-up!

    Check out my top videos this week, airing on on You Tube — and you can also find them at my Bitchute channel, here (and be sure to subscribe then you’re there)


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    Mask-Free Resources

    Religious Exemption Badge

    Religious exemption letters to submit to your employer, school or general use

    U.S. Civil Right Protection + Direct Threat info cards (#5 at the link below)

    BEACH CHURCH on April 11th
    San Clemente North Beach, 11:00 am

    Enjoy powerful, prayerful messages from Pastor David Hall, along with encouraging messages from Peggy Hall and other community patriots!

    Address is Via Estacion, San Clemente

    Parking lot requires payment.

    Cross the train tracks and look for us on the north side of the lifeguard tower

    Bring beach chair, water, shade if desired.

    *** SPECIAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR FRED CLARK, A HEALTHY AMERICAN and WW II Veteran celebrating his 96th Birthday this Sun April 11th!

    We will be there… will you?!

    Over 100+ people attend the BEACH CHURCH each week ! Many people get prayed over, receiving caring support from this faithful fellowship. Everyone is welcomed! Come one, come all!

    OPEN FOR BUSINESS — Live Seminar!

    Save your spot for Saturday, April 24th

    1:00pm – 5:00 pm

    Thousand Oaks, CA

    Hear from business owners who have stayed open — and whose businesses are THRIVING!


    Go here to register, spaces are limited!

    Get your state laws that defend your rights!

    Click here to get the laws for your state — instant download!

    Peggy, I already gave these to a manager at my health food store and I was able to shop with out a mask. They are really well-prepared and I feel smarter now!” – Linda S.

    “I was grocery shopping at Aldi this morning and saw an Amish woman wearing a mask beneath her nose/over her mouth. The Amish community has been pressured to conform.

    I gave her a copy of the federal non-discrimination laws that you’ve compiled and explained that she is perfectly legal. She WELCOMED the information. She does not want to mask! Amongst other things, I told her I have been mask-free at the weekly County Commissioners meetings, the Indiana Statehouse on February 3, and frequent the Goshen post office with NO ISSUES.

    Thank you for all of your effort. It is GREATLY appreciated.”


    Choose which state laws you need and they are available as an instant download for your personal use. Please do not embed or post these on other websites, but you can make copies to leave with business establishments to educate them on your rights and the laws that protect them.

    Click here to get the laws for your state ($20) — instant download!

    Your purchase helps support this important work and the dedicated hours that went into researching and preparing these important documents.


    I took all of your advice and I have an audio-video documented win. UnionBank does NOT have a mask policy. This brings home another WIN for our team. I already have a USPS win under my belt and I’m going for more. Reply back if I can share the link to my video with you.

    Thank you for being a front-line warrior! I’m fighting with you!

    David Dennen


    I am grateful for YOU!

    Your prayers, donations and kind words of encouragement help me persist in this battle.

    We LOVE getting your cards and letters here:

    Peggy Hall

    205 Avenida del Mar #681

    San Clemente, CA 92674

    Donations can be made here:

    I could not do this important work without your help.

    Your financial support helps me reach more people, and cover the costs of video production, website, newsletter service, and more.

    Every email from you is read, and appreciated.

    Thank you for your patience as we reply, as it can take several days or weeks, with the volume of inquiries we receive.

    Pastor David and I are BLESSED beyond measure by knowing you.

    Our heart and soul are filled with gratitude for your advocacy, and please know that YOU ARE PRAYED FOR and CARED FOR in our constant work.

    with the warmest well wishes for brighter days ahead,


    Here with another awesome HEALTHY AMERICAN, Debbie M. at our Beach Church in San Clemente! Come on out and see us Sunday, April 1th, 11:00 am

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