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    Dog Steals Grandma’s Dentures, Gets Caught When Owner Sees Her Toothy Grin


    When a grandma decided to have her usual nap one day, she didn’t expect she would wake up panicking over her missing dentures. Fortunately, all was not lost when her granddaughter found the dentures’ thief was hiding among their family members.

    Anna Carolina Lima, of Brazil, visited her grandmother in Minas Gerais for a week in 2019; she took a special surprise along with her—an adorable rescue dog named Luna.

    Epoch Times Photo

    (Courtesy of Anna Carolina Lima)

    At her grandma’s home, Lima observed that the pup had adapted to the new environment and settled in quite comfortably. Lima was assured that she could leave little Luna under her grandmother’s care while she stepped out for lunch. However, the doting granddaughter didn’t expect things to get hilariously chaotic upon her return.

    What had transpired back at home turned out to be a full-blown laughing riot!

    Like any other normal day, Lima’s grandmother was comfortably napping for a while in her absence. “As usual, [grandmother] put her dentures under the pillow so as not to lose them,” Lima told The Dodo.

    Lima, who is currently studying psychology at the Ponta Grossa State University, said that this action happened to be witnessed by Luna, and a bright (and mischievous) idea came to the cute dog’s mind—steal the sparkling white dentures!

    Epoch Times Photo

    (Courtesy of Anna Carolina Lima)

    Thus, when grandmother woke up and put her hand under the pillow to get her dentures, she was surprised to see that her false teeth were nowhere in sight. In no time following that ensued a real mega hunt to find the grandma’s dentures; the hunt lasted for hours.

    “She was pretty desperate that she couldn’t find her dentures,” Lima said. “She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours.”

    Lima told the local media that it wasn’t long before the family realized Luna might have a part to play in this, reported MailOnline.

    Epoch Times Photo

    (Courtesy of Anna Carolina Lima)

    “Hours later, Luna was playing around the house in the darkness and when I called,” Lima said, “she came to me with a cute face and her tail wagging, jumping around, but she did not have [the dentures].”

    Though Lima didn’t see any dentures on Luna, she knew her dog was the cute culprit behind this hilarious theft. “[Luna] is very clever, she picks things up and hides them,” Lima said.

    Shortly after, Lima’s suspicion proved to be true; she saw her dog sitting on the sofa, grinning with the teeth in her mouth.

    Epoch Times Photo

    (Courtesy of Anna Carolina Lima)

    While the whole house was anxiously searching for the “stolen” item, the sneaky pup was seemingly happy with the newfound treasure and simply refused to give it away so easily; the pup bit at the dentures playfully.

    Eventually, the denture crisis finally ended after Lima was able to distract her pup and take her grandma’s false teeth away.

    Epoch Times Photo

    (Courtesy of Anna Carolina Lima)

    Fortunately, after a quick check, it was ascertained that the dentures endured Luna’s mischievous bites and were in tip-top condition before they were returned to the rightful owner.

    After tracing the location of the dentures, Lima’s grandmother and the whole family couldn’t help but laugh at the amusing theft plot! No one was mad at the adorable pup.

    “We all laughed a lot!” Lima told The Dodo. “We all love animals.”

    Pets indeed make our lives a little less monotonous and a lot happier! Needless to say, with the pricey dentures gone, the adorable Lima was back to her original smile and the usual playful antics.

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