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CitizensJournal.us is a Ventura County news and commentary publication, established in 2013, dedicated to reporting news vital to the community, including local governments, school boards, business, civics, politics, events and other issues important to Ventura County. We also put state, national and international events into perspective in how they affect us here. News is as objective as we can make it. Editorials are something else. We are volunteer-operated, except for  a couple of part-time freelance writers.

We created Citizens Journal.us because there was and still is no other countywide publication to fill the gap that we do. If you would like to see us expand content, circulation and improve quality, you can help by volunteering services, funds or referring us to people who could. We also need help signing up more free subscribers.

Inaugural issue of CitizensJournal.us- 6-21-13

We have now published about 14,000 articles and thousands more event listings. We work with dozens of authors and a few staffers.

Although we operate very lean/frugally, using volunteers, innovative techniques, donated services and equipment, it DOES take some money. This support pays for web hosting, email distribution, advertising, software, programming, printing, travel, various fees, services and equipment.

Our most pressing needs for funds are to hire some talent, in reporting, editing, circulation, ad sales and advertising. Of course, we need to maintain and improve the items above, too.

We do not charge for subscriptions, in order to help maximize readership growth. Most of our funds come from donations, with a smaller portion from advertising, which we are trying to expand. It is also good to advertise with us, because it is tax deductible and gets the word on your products and services out.

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To donate, please use our PayPal button, or for larger amounts ($100+), we would prefer a check, since that avoids substantial fees. Donations are not tax deductible. We chose not to go that route to avoid additional government regulation and associated costs.for our publication 

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