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    Don’t Be Distracted By The Shiny Object

    Some examples of stories the White House is trying to sweep under the bed are:

    1. The Americans still stranded in Afghanistan
      1. Even the number of those remaining is all over the board. It could be dozens or thousands, depending on your source. The bottom line is we have left Americans behind, and this story is not over until every one of them is safely home.
    2. Hunter Biden and the Biden Family connection to China
      1. The Biden Family is corrupt, period. The Bidens have made millions from selling exposure to Joe Biden, the Senator, Vice President, and President. It impacts America’s policies towards China and situations like the human rights violations and investigation into the COVID origin. These are compromised because of the hold China has over Joe Biden. Biden cannot deal objectively with China, Russia, or Ukraine because they are in his pocket.
    3. The open Southern Border
      1. The Biden Administration has destroyed our Southern Border and jeopardized our country by harming our security and health. Over 2 million illegal immigrants crossed the Rio Grande in 2021, and those are the ones who were apprehended. Tons of Fentanyl has been confiscated, but how much has slipped through the cracks? Democrats are calling for more funding to combat the Fentanyl epidemic, but none want to address the source by shutting the Border. Kamala Harris went the year without visiting the Border and still insists on a root cause. She is kidding herself and trying to distract us from the real problem. Millions of illegals are now among us. The hundreds of thousands of illegals from over 150 countries have no root cause.
    4. Dispersion of immigrants
      1. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming through Mexico and from Afghanistan are spread around the country. These people have no roots, no funds, little grasp of the language. They are placed in cities and towns that are foreign to them and a climate they are not accustomed. They immediately become a burden to stretched support programs and schools.
    5. Crime
      1. Homicides, assaults, major theft are on the rise across the land. The defund the police movement has had a devastating influence on our major cities, and Dems are now trying to put the genie back in the bottle. They have manipulated the numbers by eliminating certain crimes from the stats. The lie has not worked as we can see the crime with our own eyes. The Left now wants money to hire back the same police they relieved in 2020 and 2021. It is always a solution to throw money at a problem and go away. Until the Democrats get tough on crime, from the beat cop to the justice system, the problem will not disappear.
    6. Inflation
      1. Inflation is the one issue that will sink the Democrats and guarantee a red tsunami in 2022. It is not transitory, and it is not 5%. Those lies continue to repeat daily, but that amplifies the Left’s attempt to fool the American people. Gas is out 60%, home heating up 45%, food up 12%, but you have to ignore these sectors to arrive at 5%. Americans cannot ignore them as they dig deeper into their pockets to survive week to week. The poor and middle-class are hit the hardest by inflation, and they will hit the Democrats the hardest in the mid-terms.

    We have to stay focused on these issues. They impact us directly and make America less prosperous and less safe than just a year ago. The Democrats are creating problems for America with no solutions. We cannot let the veil of climate change and racism cloud our vision. Republicans need to remedy these issues and get us back on track.

    Source: Conservative Daily News CDN

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