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    Door-To-Door Medical Kidnappings Begin In Australia As Covid Fascism Escalates

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    (Natural News) An Australian man clearly in good health was abducted from his home by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) first responders and taken away to a quarantine camp after testing “positive” for the Chinese Virus.

    The man is obviously not sick and looks like he works out at the gym for several hours a day – you can watch a video of him below. Even so, he was hauled off in a paddy wagon-type vehicle by masked and caped medical workers who ushered him off his property in compliance with Australia’s new plandemic requirements.

    “Confused but happy to comply, he heads off for an indefinite stay at quarantine camp,” the newscaster in the above video is heard stating like something out of a dystopian sci-fi film.

    As it turns out, Australian police are now going door to door abducting anyone whom the government finds out tested positive for the Fauci Flu – even if they are not actually sick.

    “Police will remove you from your home if you test positive for covid,” Citizen Free Press reports about Australia’s new covid policies.

    Is covid ushering in a Fourth Reich?

    Australia is busily building new camp compounds for Wuhan Flu patients to live indefinitely until the government decides that it is “safe” for them to rejoin society.

    If and until that happens, residents of these camps will be held there against their will, almost like a prison or a concentration camp. They are not allowed to leave or see visitors and must remain confined inside the compound until the government says otherwise.

    Is this the “new normal” that was warned about all last year? Are people now being hauled off to “quarantine” concentration camps for “cleansing” just like the Jews were during World War II?

    This time around, the goal seems to be to purge the “virus” of freedom and liberty from the world and replace it with global tyranny and willing obedience to the government.

    Anyone who resists this agenda will likely test “positive” and be hauled off to a covid reeducation facility to be washed clean of their resistance to the new world order.

    It might sound crazy, but this is what is manifesting before our very eyes, starting with Australia. Eventually, the madness will spread elsewhere until every last nation on earth is purged of “covid,” aka free-thinking humans.

    At some point, the excuse that all this tyranny is for “public health” becomes painfully obvious as the lie that it is. We are far past that point, especially when the people’s lives are being absolutely ruined over a virus that for most people is no worse than the flu, if it even presents symptoms at all.

    “Never mind that Australia – a nation of 26 million – has only experienced a total of one thousand deaths over the 19 months of this charade,” one commenter at Citizen Free Press noted.

    “Instead, just know that it’s for his health that this obviously fit man is taken away by a dangerously overweight government worker in protective costume. If this makes sense to you, get tested for a mental disease.”

    Others drew comparisons to Nazi Germany and the idea of “just get in the boxcar.” It is for your own good, the Australian government is telling its captives, just like those hauled away to concentration camps were told right before being exterminated.

    “‘Confused but happy to comply?’ Just like cows at a meat processing plant might be confused but happy to comply as they line up to be slaughtered, perhaps?” wrote another, comparing the man in the video to a head of cattle that does not have a clue what is coming next.

    The latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny can be found at

    Sources for this article include:

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    9 months ago

    lol Do you know what constitutes a “case” of COVID19 mate? I’ll tell you…A test that is not a diagnostic test, but, a replicating device. The inventor, nobel laureate Kerry Mullis was clear about not using the test as a diagnostic test as a means of diagnosing viral infection.
    Do you know what the PCR test is actually testing for? It’s testing for bits of RNA. Do you know this RNA is found in all of us? You better get serious about doing your research to analyze how you are being mislead.
    Do you know that war criminal Anthony Fauci even admitted that cycle threshold tests are mostly false positives when conducted using cycle thresholds of 35 or more. Do you know what the response by hospitals has been? They run tests using cycle thresholds of 40 and higher, This is has been in the making for decades. How else do you suppose fascism is going to happen in this day and age? They need people to be so afraid they give up their rights as free people.
    As far as calling people “antivax nut jobs”, a woman lost both hands and feet due to blood clotting caused by the vaccines….which in fact are not even vaccines by any traditional sense. This is in fact eugenics based, synthetic gene therapy. Furthermore, these various injections are still in their human trial stages, but, only after serious and massive failures caused during animal studies. You should understand there is an identifiable cover up taking place where more people are dying and injured than are being reported. This is not a theory. These vaccines have killed and harmed more than any traditional vaccine “program”.
    Do you know what is in the shots that are being distributed? I know you don’t, because most people are not insane. And for one to accept these injections, after being fully informed on ingredients and risks, one would have to be insane, and self loathing. Would you buy something on the street if it was labeled vaccine? Do you know these are the street dealers who have NO accountability if you and your loved ones are injured or killed from the various forms of clotting damage caused by these fake vaccines? Eventually we realize those who are in charge of “PUBLIC” health see a healthy public as a public comprised of fewer individuals. The most dangerous thing to individual freedom and health is a fascist government that has allowed AI to run the healthcare system.
    That fascist government will try to make something up about the people. And now that we are all sick of racism and illegal wars abroad, they are making our bodies the battle field, where souls and people themselves are unfortunate victims of a government’s war on COVID.
    Why do you suppose ALL COVID deaths on CDC site include so-called “comorbidities”? The PCR test is the lynchpin of this global fraud…and the inventor had challed Dr Fauci multiple times…before magically succumbing to respiratory disease in 2019. Fauci did this with AIDS. They called chemical poisoning a virus, and, in response, developed AZT….which like the original drug poisoning used when misdiagnosing and mistreating aids actually causes AIDS. I hope this gives you new perspective. And remember, a vaccine is a cash cow….but you can only milk the cow if there are no safer alternatives. And for this, proper nutrition will be more than enough for most people. So, they get the media to assist in promoting the lie. The primary thing to know is that the US helped put Hitler in power. And since then, we tell children that we took him out of power, when he was actually given a cushy retirement in Argentine. COVID is simply an extension of American Nazi Eugenics brought to us by the Rockefeller Rothschild dynasty.

    9 months ago

    They aren’t kidnapping people for covid. They are kidnapping them using a model or systematic medical fraud,

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