Down the Road by Tim Pompey – a Book Review

Down the Road by Tim Pompey

From Amazon: It’s 1970 and 18-year-old Howie White, who has lived most of his life at Good Shepherd Home for Children in northeast Tennessee, must leave and find his own way in the world. But having lived for fifteen years in a very well ordered religious and social environment, Howie discovers what that real world is really like: complex, odd, sometimes dangerous.

Review:  This is a wonderful book of innocence challenged and courage in the face of danger.  I was reminded of a book by Robert Heinlein titled “Stranger In A Strange Land”.  Despite many setbacks and dangerous situations Howie keeps moving forward on the road of his life, loving the people around him and loving growing things with his hands in the soil.   He takes life as it comes and just deals with it.

It is a book that will keep you reading until the wee hours of the night as you keep putting off sleep for a few more pages.  You definitely want to read it on a weekend when you don’t have other responsibilities to fulfill tomorrow.  You will feel joy and tears and it will be an experience you will never forget.


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Tim Pompey

Tim Pompey

Tim Pompey is a news writer and poet living along California’s Central Coast. He was awarded the Still Waters Press Winter Poetry Award 2000 for his chapbook, Getting Through the Fog. His previous collections of short stories, One Side Leads to the Other, Burnt by Sun, Blind Spot, and Primitive Terrain, as well as his novels, Freeland, Nightfly, The Perilous Paintings of Lily and Find Walter are available on Amazon.
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