Downside of abandoning Oxnard Mandalay power plant – harbor cleanliness

By Keith Moore

Editor’s note: There is much controversy about NRG’s proposed state of the art gas-powered “peaker” plant to replace the half century old unit, which meets all state and federal environmental regulations. Edison has determined that a 200+ megawatt power plant is needed here for backup/peak loads.

Regardless of where you stand on this proposal, an issue which has been lost in the shuffle is that the existing plant’s cooling water comes from Channel Islands Harbor. This greatly improves circulation and cleanliness of the water there. Current plans call for all of that to stop when the plant is shut down in 2020, only three years from now.

We have raised this subject with NRG and at City Council meetings. We’re not aware of any plans to do so nor if the city has approached NRG about a community service agreement to continue the canal (see aerial photos below). They said no last time we asked. The public may want to highlight this issue that Mr. Moore again raises, in his letter (below) to comment on the draft determination letter.


—–Original Message—–
From: keith moore
Sent: Sun, Aug 27, 2017 1:49 pm
Subject: FW: Comment Letter — OTC Draft Determination for Mandalay Generating Station

FYI – Do you live ON the Channel Islands Harbor…………??

“OTC” Ocean Thermal Cooling; by 2020 (in 3 years)
All power plants along California’s coast can no longer
use ocean water for cooling …………and will shut down!

BTW – Ventura County is at the end of the WIRE!
Then where will we get our electricity??
SOLAR – after the sun goes down?
WIND – when it stops?

Subject: FW: Public comment period and draft determination for Mandalay Generating Station – OTC Policy

We notice that the Mandalay Station cooling water pumps and canal
connecting the CI Harbor to the Mandalay Power Station are to be abandoned!

 Since the 1970’s, the Mandalay Station cooling water pumps
provide an essential function to purge and prevent stagnation
of Ventura County’s Channel Island Harbor.
The average flow is 10 million / gal / day (from 2010 to 2014)
(design capacity is ~ 250 million gallons/day).

To abandon this system will quite possibly create a stagnant pond at the north-end of our Harbor!

 What are your plans to address this issue?

 Keith Moore
(Hollywood by the Sea)
Oxnard, CA



Mr. Moore lives in Oxnard  Mr. Moore, is President of Castle-Light Energy and  has 30 years of technical, business development and management of advanced environmental control technologies

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