UPDATED WITH EVENT VIDEO—Dr. Ben Carson inspires audience at Reagan Library

By Debra Tash

Event Video:

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, was at the Reagan Library on Sunday promoting his latest book, One Nation.  After the long lines of people hadone.nation their copy signed the doctor gave an one hour lecture.  Already world renowned for his medical skills, Dr. Carson caught the nation’s attention, along with an IRS audit, after his keynote speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013.

Like many speakers at the Reagan, Dr. Carson gave credit to the late president for inspiring him.  Carson confessed growing up poor in a Detroit ghetto. He was a radical left wing Democrat.  But there was something about Reagan and what he said that made Carson think.  It was “just common sense.”

Carson was not a good student.  However, through his mother, a woman who only had a third grade education, he developed a love of reading.  She would make him and his brother read two books a week and write a report.  She’d corrected them but her corrections, red lines and check-marks, were only a pretense.  Dr. Carson’s mother was functionally illiterate.

Early on he was interested in everything about medicine.  “Those dreams are the things that drive you.”  He said they are God given and related how failures can lead to success, especially in medicine.  Failures help us gain knowledge.

On nations and their rise and fall, Carson pointed out that, “We don’t seem to learn from all those examples.”

One of the damaging things he sees happening is political correctness.  It’s a scourge and antithetical to the Founding Principles. “It’s part of a larger plan to silence us.” And it’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s, Rules for Radicals.  He deals with political correctness by ignoring it.

When he was a child he was afraid of dogs, so much so he would be late for school to avoid walking by a house with a particularly nasty dog in residence – Rusty.  Someone told him dogs won’t attack if you they know you’re not afraid.  One day he had the courage to walk right past Rusty without stopping.  The first time, the dog barked.  The second time Carson went by, Rusty got up and then sat back down.  Soon enough the dog didn’t even bother looking at Carson when he walked by.

Face them and “They just back off.”

He pointed out that the Founders knew freedom depends on a well informed populace.  The uninformed can be manipulated by dishonest politicians.  At one time we had the best education in the world. By the second grade children were literate.  “They knew how to build things.”  We had a “Can do attitude,” that has now been replaced with a, “What can you do for me attitude.”

Besides One Nation, Carson has just released an ebook: “One Vote,” on how to become an informed voter.  People vote for the R or the D or that familiar name.  That’s how we are losing our representative government.  He hopes to update One Vote with representatives’ voting records. “The government is supposed to conform to the people. Not the other way around.”

The Carson Scholars Fund was started 17 years ago to encourage academic super stars. “We need people who are more than smart.”  There have been smart people who have been devoid of ethics.  The development of integrity and being truthful is just as important.  When everything is relative that’s when societies grumble.








Years ago he was hit with a paternity suit from a woman in Florida. She listed all this information about him, which as it turned out was public knowledge.  The suit fizzled because unlike some who gain the public’s eye in their field and have strayed, Dr. Carson has never been with anyone but his wife.  “We need to have lives that we’re not ashamed of.”

When he retired he thought he would be on the golf course and learning to play the elaborate organ he purchased a few years ago.  He didn’t want a public life or to be a politician.  “God had a different plan for me.”

There are values that guide our lives.  This president said we aren’t a Judeo-Christian nation.  He isn’t the one to decide that – we are.

He sees Obamacare as a disaster.  That the Veterans’ scandal showed what happens when bureaucrats get between a patient and his doctor.  Carson believes Health Savings Accounts would work.  That everyone would get care from birth to death and that that care would be governed by free markets.


Dr. Ben Carson

The debt is unbearable at 18 trillion.  It would take 5000 years to pay it off at a rate of ten million a day.  That once the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency, and the Treasury could no longer just print money, we become a third world nation overnight.

We are on the brink of disaster. On changing course:  “Do we have the courage?  The mental fiber? I believe we do.”

Because of the late hour only two audience questions were taken.  One of them, of course, was will he run for president?  Carson has put together, USA First PAC, to support candidates and to build an infrastructure.  But it all depends on the November mid-terms. He believes God is not going to forsake this country.

He closed his speech by saying: “We can’t be free unless we’re brave.” In the end, it’s on the American people to stand up.

If you want to encourage him to run go to: http://www.runbenrun.org/

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of Citizensjournal.us, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis


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I was there that night, and your article reflects the positive message that he shared. Thank you