Dumb Laws–Indecent language in the city of Ventura

Now we’re not saying it’s a good thing to be vulgar and swearing in front of minors- that’s just downright uncouth.  Legions of mothers will back us up on this, having swearingwashed out little mouths for centuries to teach their offspring manners. In the progressive city of Ventura you can’t use indecent language in “the presence or hearing of women and children.” A misdemeanor.  Fine and dandy, who wants to hear it, right? No one.

Ventura’s municipal code under Public Peace and Morals Regulations:

Sec. 10.010.020. Indecent language
It shall be unlawful for any person to use vulgar, profane or indecent language within the presence or hearing of women or children in a loud or boisterous manner.*

Something missing?  The way it’s written it’s not okay to swear in front of women and children but, we assume, okay to let ‘er rip in front of a man. How sexist. How politically incorrect.  In today’s America either we all get the verbal finger or no one gets it.  That’s only fair.

Women have been empowered.  Children surf the internet before they get out of diapers.  What haven’t they seen?  Okay, if we want to keep verbal litter off the street then make it illegal to spew in front of men, too.  After all, more and more of them have been given sensitivity training. They have feelings and we shouldn’t hurt them.

If you think we’re making a ridiculous point, you may be right.  But look at what our society is doing, making it a crime about what you say.  People getting fired, losing their property, changing the names of sports teams, it’s all the same.  If you are going to be Progressive, at least be consistent.  If not, then leave us alone already.

*Maybe not dumb…just incomplete or then again…dumb

If you happen upon a dumb law, please, send it our way.  We will never tell where it came from, cross our hearts. [email protected]


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2 Responses to Dumb Laws–Indecent language in the city of Ventura

  1. Jim1950a July 5, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Also who defines indecent?

  2. Citizen Reporter July 5, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Either way, it violates the First Amendment.


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