Eber: A French Revolution coming to California Dream


By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views 

Progressive Democrats operate the State of California as if it is one large Soviet 5 Year Plan colony complete with Bullet Train. They don’t especially care what impact their policies have, souring the business environment so moving vans head southeast towards Austin, Texas!

Quicker than one can say “Call Bekins”, mature, high-tech start ups are quietly relocating their headquarters to places where middle management employees can afford to own a home and State government does not treat them like white trash.

It doesn’t matter to California politicians because they think more entrepreneurs will set up shop in the Golden State in the years to come. They do not see the this corporate exodus being related to high personal business taxes subsidizing unskilled Sanctuary City refugees with welfare entitlement expenses that total more than 10 billion dollars a year.

Or for that matter headquarters of large companies are leaving San Francisco because their employees are tired of walking over human feces of the homeless on their way to work.

Guess again. All these things do matter. Just because almost all government beyond the local level is dominated by left-wing Democrats, does not mean they are correct imposing their way of life on others. There are signs everywhere that the economic bubble California is floating around in will burst in the next couple years.

Those people making millions of dollars a year are asked to fund socialistic dreams of progressives. What might happen to these revenues if a recession hits or too many rich people move away? Even Jerry Brown, who in his dotage has tried to peddle junk science Greenhouse gas policies on his constituents, warned the state had to save money in a rainy day fund when tax revenues decline. This did not stop

Cap and Trade regulations and policies strangle business growth at all levels. While this may be seen as a noble effort to rid the state from using fossil fuels in the near future, it ultimately raises the cost of manufacturing in the Golden State and puts companies In California at a distinct disadvantage with competitors who consume less expensive fuel.

Cumbersome environmental laws that, in addition to making new manufacturing next to impossible, dramatically increase the costs for new construction. The State responds by trying to encourage building high-density housing. The only problem is history has shown the junkie high-rise stuff they plan to build is not where most families really want to live.

Water policies that seem to appeal to extremists who aim to tear down dams, provide no extra storage, and the extremists insist on unreasonable conservation measures. Most of the time they have no consideration of what effect these policies might have on residents of the state. Unelected bureaucrats prefer to promote a salmon run over the ruination of a 2 billion-dollar almond crop.

Laissez faire forest management has allowed excess growth of underbrush that provides a foundation for the severity of recent fires throughout the state. This increases insurance expenses and raises the cost of living for all.

Over-regulation of environmental laws, zoning, EIR’s, land use decisions, and Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) make building anything affordable for California’s dwindling middle class nearly impossible. All of this makes living in California unaffordable except for the rich, those covered by rent control, and those who are long-term owners of residential property.

These problems are real. It is not enough to blame Donald Trump for what ails California or to pin the poor performance of the K-12 public school system to Education Secretary Betsy De Vos and/or the infamous Koch Brothers. Are we to believe funding a free pre-school education program by the State is supposed to substitute for the socialization provided by parents?

I think not. No matter how much free stuff and giveaways are put into law big government is not a viable alternative to the nuclear family. This is why Donald Trump was elected two years ago and still has a strong following. Families elected him to run the Country, not to be President of the PTA or be the preacher at the local church.

Those pushing the California way from Gavin Newsom to Kamala Harris are oblivious to reality. They are drunk with power. Harris thinks her arrogant behavior in the Senate will propel her to reside in the White House. It does not occur to them that those trying to push back the gas tax increase with proposition 6 in the last election have a lot of similarities to the yellow vest inspired protests going on in France the past two months.

The major difference between the French insurgents and the feeble opposition in California is the duration and the effects of socialism on the middle class in France. These people have seen their standard of living decline as their government showed more interest in saving the planet than taking care of the welfare of the people. At the same time the yellow vest folks are fed up with immigration policy which has increased crime and diluted their proud French heritage

After a generation of these policies, a good number of the Frenchmen feel they have come to the critical position of being placed in an “I’m falling and can’t get up” existence”, with little hope in sight.

We haven’t quite gotten to the “fallen” place in California yet. As soon-to-be Governor Newsom and his progressive army take power, it appears they are pushing a PC culture on their minions where they expect families to accept living in high-rise apartments, abandon their automobiles, change lifestyles to a lower standard of living, and be team players in the utopia their leaders are building.

By providing cradle-to-grave public services, progressives believe independence will gladly be sacrificed for government paid medical care, schooling, recreational services, and virtually all needs that are to be taken care of.

I don’t believe this fantasy one bit where taxation and social service policies will result in the middle class being in effect merged with lower economic groups Over time the residents of California will eventually join me and like the yellow vests in France, kick the bums out. In our State this will mean a collapse at the polls with failed government policies turning supporters of the current Democratic Party into the conservatives of tomorrow.

In my mind it is not if but when the citizens of California will resemble the yellow vest protesters in France who are fed up with their socialistic government and the erosion of the French way of life. It might not take a lot of time for similar dissatisfaction to translate to the Golden State. Former Governor Gray Davis quickly learned this some 15 years ago when he was recalled from office for basically doing the things he pledged to do in his election campaign.

Recent indications show the political elite in California are oblivious to what is transpiring on the streets of Paris. Gavin Newsom and his gang of progressives are moving full throttle with their plans for a Sanctuary State, with job killing environmental policies, and government involvement in everyone’s life greater than has ever been experienced in the history of this country.

I just hope the Republican Party has the “rang-tang bank reminiscent of gin and vermouth” to revitalize themselves and provide reasonable opposition to the Democratic juggernaut. Time is running out.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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