Eber: Paranoia and Disbelief permeates American Politics


By Richard Eber,  California Political News and Views  

Paranoia and disbelief is so prevalent in Washington D.C. these days that it is difficult to get anyone to believe the sky is blue, falling, or Donald Trump is responsible for everything that ails society.

Even my 97 year old Mom got in the act when I phoned her to say I was running 15 minutes late to pick her up for a Memorial Day party. She then asked, “Can you give me a more exact time?

Such a disconnect with reality has been evident in our nation’s capital by fake news, “informed sources”, and expert opinions based upon unsubstantiated conjecture.  These phenomena can be found each day by reports by the news media that are at least at grade 8 terror alert levels.  Recent examples include:

  • The altercation between Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte and a photographer prior to his victory in a special election was somehow the fault of Donald Trump. The American President who had a perfect alibi by trying to broker a peace between Israel and its neighbors at the same time.
  • American intelligence gathered during the Obama Administration that indicated Russians planned to infiltrate the Trump administration, somehow constituted treason. As such, according to Representative Maxine Waters, impeachment proceedings should immediately begin.
  • Federal Appeals courts ruled that then candidate Donald Trump’s campaign speeches could be used to block the implementation of immigration policies from countries associated with terrorism. Has such criteria ever been used before in American history where candidates pronouncements were considered to be anything more than “promises made in the dark?”
  • Comparisons made by the news media between unsubstantiated rumors and the Watergate Scandal almost 50 years ago. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had facts and several eye witness sources to corroborate their stories. This compares to the wishful thinking of evidence challenged leftist political pundits whose hatred for Donald Trump blinds their ability to separate fact from fiction.

Most of this media feeding frenzy is sourced from the premise of perceived manipulation in the American electoral process by Vladimir Putin.   Most reasonable experts agreed that Russian President, through his operatives including WikiLeeks tried to undermine the democratic process. So what?  Does this mean a quid pro quo relationship existed between the Trump campaign and these agents of evil?

Six months after the election not one shred of evidence has surfaced that indicates Donald Trump co-operated with Putin in any way to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Still Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other party faithful are trying to convince voters “where there is smoke, there must be fire” accusations.

This is where Progressive office holders and their supporters in the media may be going wrong. Nowhere in their unrelenting feeding frenzy have they ever considered what the ramifications might be if  Special Counsel Robert Mueller concludes the charges against Donald Trump are groundless and without merit.

At this juncture what will Democratic leaders and their partners in the news media do to explain their unsubstantiated criticism of the President of the United States?  At that point they will not be able to keep blaming the Electoral College, perceived voter fraud, or the Russians for the crushing defeat liberals they experienced last November?

When this moment of truth occurs, the Anti-Trump contingent might have to veer away from personal attacks and actually speak about issues relevant to voters.  It remains how successful they might be hauling out the current “Round-up the usual suspects” list which includes, climate change, women’s plight in society, trans-gender rights, persecution of minorities by the GOP, and opposition to the NRA.

The strategy will probably not work.  It didn’t in the general election where Republicans won 33 States along with control of almost two thirds of legislatures and governorships. Having strong support in California and New York does not make a consensus in the United States nor does it count as a majority in the Electoral College.

Don’t think preventing conservative speakers from expressing their views on college campuses will spur the tide either.  Leftist Democrats, who pull the levers of power in places of higher learning might be well meaning in casting aside the first Amendment to attack Donald Trump.  However, in the long run their actions might cause collateral damage on the sensitivities of Middle America.

So if the Russians are Coming paranoia attack proves to be a failure, what should the Democratic establishment do restore confidence of voters prior to the midterm elections next year?

The first thing that should be done is to realize Hillary Clinton lost through no one other than her own inept campaign.  The email scandal, sleazy activities of the Clinton Foundation, and their socialist economic development plans are not what the American people desired last November.  They need to “get over it” as has been said many times before.

To regain credibility with voters, Democratic leaders are going to have to do more than say they hate the ground Donald Trump stands on.  They must come to realize he will be occupying the White House until 2021. A good place to start is to stop the foolish impeachment talk where wishful thinking has overwhelmed logic and reason.

This leaves us with an area Democrats have not dealt with in the first 100 plus days of Donald Trump’s presidency.  It’s called issues.  If they are to make a strong statement in the midterm elections in 2018, they must tell voters what they stand for in more than a handful of questionable social stands that appeal to Progressive ideologues.

Jobs, transportation, defense, health care, taxation, and immigration policy, are what the American people want to have their Congress working on. Democrats need to stop “The Russian’s are Coming” narrative.

Most folks are tired of the D.C. media side shows and desire that the two political parties work together with the President to pass legislation to improve all segments of society. They want Congress to operate in the spirit of compromise Henry Clay made famous over 150 years ago.

Unfortunately, the two political parties, working together for the common good, is a pipe dream much like the hope of Progressives to roust Donald Trump from the Presidency.  As such we can likely look forward to the poisonous political climate continuing to where being 15 minutes late requires a more specific time to be given.

Representative Maxine Waters, one of the insane

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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