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By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views 

Captains Log Star Date January 5, 2025:  President Elizabeth Warren and her VP Kamala Harris are beginning fifth year in office. California Governor Gavin Newsom is finishing his second term as Governor of California. Progressives not only control the Legislature in the Golden State but also both Houses of Congress in Washington D.C.

The time has finally come for them to put into action their socialist agenda.  Senate Majority leader Corey Booker (D)  New Jersey, proudly proclaimed on Meet the Press that this reform would last 1000 years before the moderator Rachel Maddow pointed out that Booker’s words were previously used by the Third Reich almost a century before.

With President Warren given the mandate to make major changes in what she said was “an outdated Constitution that was written by a group of racist, sexist, and Narcissistic   men” was able to get her reform package to sail through Congress.  Among the major changes the President was able to pass:

  • Abolish the second amendment and only allow the military and police to possess fire arms. Hunters were allowed to use rifles and shot guns which could be rented with suitable background checks, from government run armories
  • The Secretary of State position was replaced by the Secretary General of U.N. who served in this post on an ex-officio basis with authority to veto any military action the United States might undertake. Nationalism was banned by an executive order of the President paving the way for an international  administration of American foreign policy
  • C.E. was finally abolished and replaced by a new Welcome Wagon like agency that distributed food stamps, housing coupons, and a voter registration form that allowed immigrants to participate in elections even before automatic citizenship was granted.
  • All public education functions K1-12 were directly administered by the Federal Government. A constitutional amendment banning school choice was put in place to make sure there was equity and non discrimination pertaining to what is best for children.
  • Religious holidays including Christmas, Easter, and Passover were eliminated as believing in God were now considered to be outmoded and obsolete.

A new cabinet level Department of Political Correctness was put in Place by the President and was overseen by VP Kamala Harris.  One of her first acts came by calling in the President’s Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other high tech companies to find ways to purge the internet from conservative political thought.

A special PC police under the leadership of former actor George Clooney was given authority to arrest and detain citizens who whose language could be considered to be offensive.  Any reference to identifying gender such as Miss, missy, gal, mam, girl and 1286 other prohibited gender references were stricken from dictionaries.

Even mascots of sporting teams came under close scrutiny from Clooney and his Social Responsibility team.  Naturally their first act was renaming the racsist Washington Redskins into simply “The Reds” That backfired when bookies recommended to betters “Take the Reds. Critics pounced on this because it sounded too much like door #3 in an old Cheech and Chong gag.

Finally the former Skins became “The Blues” in honor of President Warren sweeping all 50 states in her triumphant 2024 re-election.

Democrats on Capitol Hill were putting final touches on a second Five Year Plan which replaced all but businesses with 25 or fewer employees with a Private Enterprise-Government Partnership. To make sure that bending the rules did not occur the CEO of every large business had to report to the Department of Diversity every week to make sure workplace equity could be realized. White males were prohibited from being CEO’s or Presidents in the newly reformed business world.

Back in California Governor Newsom was making sure State Government complied with Federal regulations.  One of the first things he did was to create political purity and change culture in the former Golden State.

A Statue of John Fremont was torn down because this gentleman as one of California founders killed too many buffaloes and treated indigenous residents poorly. It was replaced at San Francisco’s Civic Center by a heroic homeless man peeing on the entrance to a Bart Station.  Streets throughout the State named after Fremont were all changed to honor Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS who targeted Republicans organizations in rejecting them to be given  nonprofit status.

Fremont was not the only target of Governor Newsom’s wrath to purge California of evil influence from the past. He engineered legislation that passed 77-3 in the State Assembly (no republicans left except in extreme Northern California) that demolished the historic California Mission System and replaced it with needed low income housing.

References to Father Junipero Serra were stricken from history books because of forced conversion of Indians to Catholicism and sex crimes allegations made against him by Great- Great, Grandchildren squared survivors from this era.  Naturally, writing anything positive about Father Serra and his deplorable mission system was considered to be a hate crime punishable by 3 to 5 years in State prison.

The San Diego Padres Baseball team got the message and quickly renamed themselves ‘The Victims” which their management said was more representative of their performance on the field during the team’s fifty years of existence.

Sacramento’s professional basketball franchise contemplated changing from the “Kings” to the “Queens” in order to have less sexist image for their team.  This was vetoed by the LGBT community for being “too macho” so the squad became the Rainbows to be more diverse for their fan base.

To the surprise of no one “the Bullet Train”, which had not yet reached the outskirts of Chowchilla had the word “bullet” taken out of its name because of the reference to ammunition used in discharging firearms

The project, which was 1.1 trillion dollars over budget, finally was renamed the “The Peace Train”.  This was not in honor of the famous song of Cat Stevens but rather the fact that there were so many unconnected “pieces” yet to be put together. President Kevin De Leon of Mexico (who now had dual citizenship) offered to bring in labor to finish the project but this idea was rejected by various unions protecting American jobs.

Perhaps this tale of Progressive overreach is a bit exaggerated. Even if they could, I don’t think Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer could subvert the Constitution enough to completely destroy American democracy as we know it today.

On the other hand contemplating such a bleak future should be enough to inspire conservatives to take out their checkbooks and fill out their absentee ballots in hope Republicans can maintain their majorities in both houses of Congress.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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