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By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views 

At first we laughed with Kamala Harris’s antics.  During her first weeks as the Junior Senator from California in 2017, she asked during confirmation hearings for then CIA Director Mike Pompeo, what is views were on Climate Change and LGBT policies of the agency.

Most people thought such a line of questioning was absurd as the CIA Director has more pressing concerns than the subjects Ms. Harris presented.  She was given a pass even by some conservatives because they thought she would come to a “This ain’t Kansas Dorthy” moment after a short time in the Senate.

This did not happen.  Instead Harris continued her crusade to impeach the President and her distain for so called “White Privilege”. She has also been a leader in the “Me To movement” which assails sexual harassment and assault against women.  Harris gained additional attention during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when she continued her non-sequetor questioning about his relationship to the Russian collusion.

It didn’t end there.  After Kavanaugh had finished his testimony, Harris, despite her opposition to the nomination when it was put forth by President Trump, demanded more paperwork be presented before the final vote of the Judiciary Committee was held.  Many others felt such antics were a stall tactic not worthy of a U.S. Senator.

Apparently, the hard ball tactics of Harris have worked. She has been widely praised by Progressive Democratic leaders from throughout the United States and is now on a short list of prospective candidates to run against President Trump in 2020.  It would appear American politics  has come to a crossroads where acting in a demagogic way replaces accomplishment and experience as the criteria for becoming the Chief Executive of the most powerful country in the world.

Let’s take a look at Senator Harris’s legislative accomplishments.  She has proposed 15 bills alone since taking office.  Not one has gotten out of committee.   The other 33 bills her name was mentioned as co-sponsored, met with similar results.

No one’s going to say anything publicly about this dismal record except that other members of both parties of the Senate are unhappy with the antics of Harris and her lack of respect for the institution she is representing.

None of this seems to matter to her about what her colleagues might think about Harris’s conduct and demeanor with them.  She has higher targets in mind and is hell bent on increasing an anti-establishment image of her.

The latest prospective enemy of Kamala Harris and her wacko colleague Mazie Hirano (D) Hawaii is their assault on the Knights of Columbus, a philanthropic group that is part of the Catholic Church.  The two of them in questioned a couple of nominees from Nebraska up for Federal judgeships about their membership in this organization. They claim the Knights are discriminatory and bigoted.

The two Senators were concerned that the Knights hold Pro Life and anti gay marriage views (which are part of Catholic beliefs) that they found so troubling.  They feel this organization discriminates against women thus the two judicial nominees should renounce their membership.

As might be expected this attack was quickly responded to by Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle, who also belongs to the philanthropic group.  In an open letter to the Senators he assured them that their criticism of the organizations so called extreme beliefs were not grounded in truth.  He went on to say the Knights of Columbus “are dedicated to the three fundamental principles of charity, unity, and fraternity.”

This unprovoked act on Harris’s part is of great concern to Catholic and other religious based organizations who think Progressives are trying to undermine the institutions that threaten their vision of socialistic big government policies.

In an analyzing the Knights of Columbus it might be mentioned that this group was originally started as a Catholic alternative to the Masons.  If Senator Harris happened to read her non politically correct history book, she might learn that much of the planning for the American Revolution took place in the secrecy of Masonic Halls.  Almost all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and leaders of the new company belonged to this group.

On a personal note my sponsored experiences with the Knights of Columbus sponsoring dinners when my daughter attended Catholic Middle School were great. I did not witness any marches involving white sheets!  My favorable image of the organization was further enhanced when they provided the food at Birthright fundraisers where I donated wine. My only criticism of this wonderful group is poor quality spaghetti sauce they served at several functions

These folks do nothing but good works and should be emulated by all.

The point is Kamala Harris in her criticism of the Knight of Columbus is very symbolic of her anti-American bigoted view of the universe.  Like many pundits on the left she has shown a propensity to call her opponents’ racists, Nazis, sexist, elitist etc…  In my mind this has shown the Senator to be in reality a “progressive bigot” Her actions trying to restrict the activities others more resembles the extreme right rather than the world of social justice she champions.

Longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer was right in his book The True Believer that when you get to the extremes of political movements, there is little difference between the leaders of these groups. Hoffer cited Hitler and Stain of being examples of this phenomenon.   In today’s world we can look at the radical groups Antifa and the KKK in a similar way.

Based on these parameters, I have seen enough of Kamala Harris and her antics who resembles in many ways, the radical Huey Long in the 30’s.  It is my desire to get rid of this pariah as soon as possible.  Rather than wait 4 years until the next election when hopefully a more conservative opponent runs against her, I would suggest the voters of California recall this women with nil legislative accomplishments and a bigoted philosophy most Californian’s want no part of.

For me it is no longer possible to laugh off her ridiculous questions during Mike Pompeo’s CIA Director Confirmation hearings.  This same attitude occurred in Germany in the 1930’s when Hitler took power. Jews were at first criticized by the government, but little was said.  The results speak for themselves.

I don’t want to take this chance with US Senator Kamala Harris. This bigot has to go.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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