Eber: Regrettably, I Miss Bill Clinton


By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views  

If I were advertising in the personal section of the local newspaper for an individual to become President of the United States my message would be:

Self starter with thin skin desired for candidate to be CEO of the United States. Man or Women OK. Race and religion does not matter.  Integrity a plus but not necessary all the time to effectively do the job. Having political experience a plus but not essential. Holding conservative views important but party affiliation does not matter. Want someone who can balance the budget, stand up to Russians, and get along with others without leading from behind.  Having the ability to work with different parties in Congress a necessity. Ideologues need not apply for this position. 

Considering these important attributes, for almost 17 years we have struggled with Bush, Obama, and now Trump. With this being the case, it has occurred to me how much I miss the Presidency of Bill Clinton.  This is not one of these cases when we fondly recollect “the days when the men were men and the sheep loved it” times in our history.  It’s just that upon further review. the country was in much better hands with Bill Clinton running the show

George Bush brought us weapons of mass destruction, and no child left behind, (or ahead as the case might be).  Even worse the national debt went up as much during his two terms in office than the whole history of the United States combined.  He brought us Federal disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina that was as bad as the storm. Bush was a charismatic leader but so was the head sheep who led his flock to fall over the cliff.

So troubling was the Presidency of George Bush that in his second term, I renounced my Republican Party membership and became a “decline to state” voter. Despite this Bush is a decent person who will always have to live in the Leo Durocher aura of “Nice Guys finish last”

After the failed Presidency of George Bush, most Americans including me welcomed the assumption of power by Barak Obama who got us feeling optimistic with his “yes we can” rhetoric. His presidency, to put it in simple terms was a complete disaster.  Where do we start?

  1. Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act which was unilaterally passed by the Democratic majority in Congress has been falling apart since before it was signed into law. This is another unsustainable Federal Program that under its present mandate will never even become close to paying for itself.
  2. The President tried to spend his way out of the recession by putting together an infrastructure program that consisted primarily of hiring more government workers. The economy limped along with the 2% slowest growth rates since the depression.
  3. Operating an inept misguided foreign policy culminated with the Iran arms agreement with Iran where the bad guys have received over 100 billion dollars to wage wars of terror against Western Civilization around the world.
  4. Obama more than doubled Bush’s national debt deficits while at the same time doomed business with his ridiculously absurd executive order governmental regulations which have brought the country to its knees. At the same time Obama found time to host racist civil rights leader Al Sharpton 85 times at the White House.

And now we have Donald Trump who is the proverbial bull in the China Shop.  It is too early in his term to make a comprehensive evaluation of his achievements and negatives while in office.

Thus far, he is struggling getting along with Congress and just about everyone else as his maverick presidency unfolds. However, based upon the hatred of Trump in the news media, the Democratic opposition, and even members of his own party, he looks headed to follow a rocky road during the next 3 plus years.

Bill Clinton’s 2 terms being President of the United States and leader to his free world, with the exception of his moral indiscretions, was a walk in the park compared to what has followed:  Among his achievements on my top 10 list are:Almost 6 million jobs were created in the first two years while in office

  1. Unemployment was at its lowest point in 25 years
  2. Clinton was able to make a deal with Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to cut taxes for 15,000,000 low income families and small business while raising rates for the wealthiest 1.2% American households.
  3. Achieved the Republican dream of balancing budget 4 times in a row during his administration
  4. Signed into law anti-crime bills that increased the number of police officers while increasing prison terms for violent criminals.
  5. Cut the Federal bureaucracy by 100,000 jobs while reducing the national debt by 600 million dollars/
  6. Instituted the DON’T ASK DON’T TELL policy in the military to deal discrimination of gay men and women serving in the armed forces. Despite criticism, this system worked, and served the military well.
  7. Compared to what was to follow his administration with wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, Clinton kept the United States in relative peace during his two terms in office.
  8. Worked effectively with both the Palestinian’s and Israeli’s signing two agreements with the two groups in 1993 and 1994.
  9. Negotiated the Nafta and GAIT free trade agreements which led to US economic prosperity for many years.

The list goes on of achievements during the Clinton years.  If one were to evaluate them with a blindfold to history, what he was able to accomplish looks a lot like a Republican agenda.  In fact Bill Clinton being what amounts to the last of the old Southern Democrats, was part of a political movement which is sorely missed today by Progressives who have taken over virtually every aspect of  “Donkey” culture today.

After looking at what Clinton was able to accomplish, his questionable morals culminating with messing around with Monica Lewinsky seems like very small collateral damage.  On top of that Bill Clinton kept his wife at the White House and in general had Hillary on a short leash!

Bill Clinton is an historical figure who should be admired not only for what he did in office, but his ability to put different segments of our society together to achieve these goals.

Cheers! Mr. President.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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