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    Richard Eber, California Political News and Views

    Tammy Wynette  (With help from the Berkeley City Council)

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a person
    Giving all your love to just one individual.
    You’ll have bad times
    And it will have good times, 
    Doin’ things that you don’t understand
    But if you love it you’ll forgive it
    Even though the thing is hard to understand
    And if you love it oh be proud of it,
    ‘Cause after all it’s just a person
    Stand by your partner
    Give it two arms to cling to,
    And something warm to come to 
    When nights are cold and lonely
    Stand by your comrade.

    Trying to be politically correct is no easy task.  I work at it each day but seem to fail every time my lips move. Apparently, having  proper PC conduct is just not part of my culture

    After all these years it is difficult  not to say thousand of expressions including “girls night out”, How do you  separate the men from the boys?”, and  “Bells are ringing for me and my gal.”  In fact these references to males and females are not only considered to be out of date but sexist as well.  I will likely need to enroll in several  12 step gender modification courses just to avoid future arrest  from the PC Police.

    I’m willing to do my part unless a surgeon’s knife is required to make me see the light of day. Luckily for all of us, the City Council of Berkeley  is helping out by replacing male and female pronouns in their city codes to make sure they are gender neutral.  In this way a manhole cover is now a maintenance cover while bathrooms no longer cater to different sexes.  His and hers are now it or them. Sororities and Fraternities  near UC are referred to as  Collegiate Greek System Residences.

    In the city that brought us the Free Speech Movement  more than half a century ago The boys will never be back in town and Little Women will no longer have a gender  It is likely only a matter of time when Berkeley’s new civil code will be the law of the land.  Can our first amendment be resilient enough to protect those of us who don’t comply with committing  so called “hate crimes” of grammar?

    It is easy to make fun of such stupid stuff.  What would life be if we could not say “Thank heaven for little girls” or “She is such a Princess”. At the same time the musical group Boys to Men will require  a new name  or risk being black listed at Berkeley entertainment venues.

    This Leftist city is not finished with merely reconfiguring society in their quest for gender equality.  But wait, there’s more.This  same Progressive version of Camelot wants to ban  natural  gas hook ups in their building codes for constructing new homes. Such a move is part of the Green New Deal which outlaws the use of evil fossil fuels.

     Merely getting rid of coal is insufficent for this crowd.

    While  the cause of fighting Global Warming might symbolically triumph with fewer green house gasses being emitted,  having no gas stoves would be a disaster for sauté cooks and restaurants. Wolf Ranges would be a thing of the past because there would only be electric stoves. More efficient gas driers and heating systems would also disappear.

    It seems big government in California is acting like a Giant Octopus on steroids trying to control people’s lives  at every opportunity.  Outside of the bills in the legislature taking away  control of making zoning decisions from local communities, there is now a move afoot by them to ban the construction of new  detached single family homes.

    If this is not “one toke over the line”  from an authoritarian government, what might it be? George Orwell and Aldus Huxley’s  dystopian visions are coming alive before our very eyes. Unfortunately these proposals are just the beginning  for the Golden State.

    Efforts are being to impose the Progressive Green New Deal on citizens without their consent or understanding of what this might mean to their families and livelihoods. Examples of this include:

    • Banning plastic straws to save room in landfills even though plastic bottles provide ten times more waste that is difficult to recycle
    • San Francisco charging consumers 25 cents for a shopping bag while giving away disposable needles to drug users
    • Encouraging the construction of new housing while blocking projects that would produce needed new inventory. Just ask Google and many others why PC values determine the issuance of building permits?
    • Cap and trade ineffectively reducing green house gasses while increasing energy costs especially of over taxed businesses not to mention investments  the State has made in the doomed Bullet Train debacle.

    With all of this coming down one has to wonder when the voters will wake up and get rid of political leaders who are doing their level best to destroy the American way of life. When will the frustration of being stuck with an electric range, not being able to build your dream house, and have the English language obliterated by a bunch overeducated idiots from Bizerkely

    In the past moderates and conservatives alike have looked to the Republican Party to be their agents of change.  Currently, this may not be the case as the California GOP with their Anti-Trump leadership is not resonating with many conservatives, decline to state, and even some disenfranchised Democrats.

    It will be interesting to see in the 2020 election what will transpire  in who will become office holders on the local, county, and state level.  At some point one might think that the people of California. who have seen their civil rights obliterated, will rise up and say “enough” to their Progressive masters.

    In the meantime old school journalists such as me will need to rework our use of pronouns in the English language to prepare for a time when Berkeley’s gender free civil code will become the law of the land.  It sure will be difficult to change a lifetime of using  “he” and “she” to conform to the legislation sponsored by an overeducated 23 year old City Council member.

    It seems  changing  the designation of women from Miss or Mrs. To Ms.,will not be enough.“Big Bad John” will no longer be called by name. The same goes for Sting’s “Roxanne”   Thank god the PC Police has not outlawed colors yet.  Otherwise Roxanne would not be able to turn on or off her “red” light.

    Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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