Eber | What do “California Values” mean?


By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views 

A year from new when things start heating up for the Presidential election of 2020, so called California Values will be in the forefront of debate items by prospective Democratic candidates. As such, it is a good idea to clearly define what they mean and how these progressive principles will play outside the borders of the Golden State.

California Vales are most affiliated with SB-54 sponsored by then Senate Pro Tem leader Kevin De Leon who is now running against Senator Diane Feinstein this November.  It is also been called the Sanctuary State bill as SB 54 passed in 2017  prohibits local law enforcement officials from co-operating with Federal immigration officials on undocumented residents except for extreme cases such murder or extreme cases of rape.

This strong foundation provided by SB 54 morphed with other Progressive policies to be backbone of California Values.  It’s 10 basic principles can summarized as:

  1. The number one authority is that the moral compass of citizens overrules existing Federal Law and in some cases the U.S. Constitution which many progressives feel is out of date.  In this model a State is only required to call out the National Guard where they think the situation warrants such action. Boycotting companies that cooperate with building the Wall from the USA to Mexico is considered to be sound fiscal policy of CalPERS  even if such moves lose them money.
  1. Extreme gun control that challenges the 2nd amendment in an effort to reduce violence caused by criminal behavior, terrorists, and mentally ill killers who shoot into crowds especially on school grounds. It is thought another benefit to heavily regulating firearms would be lowering the crime rate, especially in big cities.
  1. Severely restrict the authority of the Federal Government and their agency I.C.E. to regulate immigration emanating from Mexico. Such power should be left up to the Border States rather than from Washington D.C. Along with this it is believed humanitarian concerns outweigh national security in decision making of who is able to immigrate to the USA.
  1. Strong support for Identity politics especially in the area of female empowerment in the work place and LGBT issues Reform of criminal justice system including the elimination of bail for those accused and reduced jail terms for all but the most violent of  felons  Increase protocols for law enforcement officers to guard against discrimination and racial profiling
  1. Increase environmental regulations regardless if they affect the livelihood of workers and place additional restrictions on businesses from polluting. The reduction of Global Warming and reducing the carbon footprint is more important than all other considerations. Emphasis is to be placed on sustainable energy resources other than nuclear power which is taboo.
  1. Reduce nationalism by placing more emphasis with co-operating with international organizations such as the UN to provide protection of USA citizens. It is thought moral outrage decency, and strength in numbers will prevail in dealing with the dictators and despots of the world.
  1. Increase the role of government to provide affordable housing as indicated AB 2923, SB 827-8, and various other measures intended to give State government authority over local communities in determinable future growth. Along with this it is the obligation of government to directly provide food, shelter, and clothing for all. Any shortfalls can be made up taxing the wealthy.
  1. Promote civil rights in all areas to prevent racism and discrimination of all types to in effect legislate bigotry away. Of particular interest are the LGBT community, those of color, and the disabled.  Obtaining this goal, which is considered to be a major priority of California Values, begins with government sponsored preschool. It also involves  changing educational curriculum to reflect gender free PC values and rewriting history books to  reflect the new norm
  1. Increasing the government’s role in raising facilities from providing prenatal cure to improving diets restricting sugar drinks, improving diets, promoting more diversity in education, preventing bullying on all levels, and reduce school choice to improve underperforming schools.  Less emphasis to be placed on the nuclear family with the government filling in the void with PC values and social programs.

10 Assisting facilities from living in Poverty by raising minimum wages,  increase educational opportunities and other forms of governmental assistance.  Make Affirmative Action the law of the land once again.

In achieving these goals “the ends justify the means “approach is welcomed   This is evidenced by their tacit support for the radical leftist group Antifa who more resembles skin head types they oppose  than so called progressive  values

Another example of California Values in action is pushing for District Elections to enable more ethnic diversity of local office holders by lowering the cost of running a political campaign.  At the same time the legislature continues to pass laws,  especially in housing,  that takes local control away from the decision making process.

Enter US Junior Senator Kamala Harris.  As the ambassador of California Values since her election in 2016, she has displayed her ex officio Progressive chops in Washington D.C. by:

  • During the confirmation a hearing for the CIA Director, Harris was especially interested in the agencies treatment of transgender employees.
  • As an act of defiance, she refused to receive a call from President Trump and appear at his State of the Union speech to Congress.
  • After expressing her opposition to opposition to the Supreme Court Justice when the announcement was made, Harris later complained that she didn’t have enough data to make her decision.

For this type of behavior Harris is being touted on mainstream media to be “presidential Timber” for the 2020 election.

As the country becomes more familiar to California Values, the question is asked “will it play in Peoria” and Middle America?   Certainly, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren think so.  Their brand of progressive socialism seems like a great fit for the ideology of Gavin NewsomKamala Harris, and Kevin De Leon. All of these people want to increase the power of the Federal government to rule over almost every aspect of American life

Their utopia today has the majority of States joining the socialist cause. In 2016 they were rebuffed from making these changes in American society by the election of Donald Trump.  The Basket of Deplorables that Hillary Clinton touted, were just a little bit more than residents of the Heartland could stomach.

Not everyone in Texas, West Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin (to name a few were willing to protect the environment regardless of the consequences of stifling job growth.  There were also many folks around the country that did not feel increasing taxes and government involvement hold the keys to fix all problems.

There are also individuals, in both Red and blue who desire a strong military and though the nation’s defense needed to be improved after eight years of cuts under the Obama administration.  Along with this many Americans feared the consequences of bi lateral foreign policy that depended on the treaty with Iran and dependence on the United Nations to steer foreign policy.

Beyond these concerns with Progressive California Values pushing social programs on a state and national basis, many American still hold old fashioned family values they feel provide a better foundation for the countries future than additional governmental involvement in their lives.

Unless some different candidates emerge on the Democratic side, it would appear that the next presidential election in 2020 will be business as usual. Given what is happened today, moderate democrats will be shoved to the fringes of the party. Were Bill Clinton running today he would be shouted down for being too conservative and negotiating with the enemy.

In this political milieu, the election of 2020 will end up being a battle between Donald Trump and some version of California Values

To me this is scary.   It would seem no matter who is victorious; we can look forward to another four years of polarized government.  This would mean Republicans and Democrats being so angry with one another that the business of the people is ignored by the ideologues in the Executive and Legislative branches.

Under such circumstances we will continue to live in the present world where “nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong.”

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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