Echoes of Reagan: Trump’s UN Speech vs. America’s Enemies (and Their Allies)



By Mike Smith

In a rare display of public honesty, Iran’s Islamic supremacists have criticized President Trump as being “like Ronald Reagan.” Let’s see what the ‘never’ and anti-Trumpers have to say about that! Let’s wait with baited breath, shall we? Whatever form the responses are taking, the Trump agenda is vindicated.

To conservative freedom lovers, our President’s United Nations speech is simply a reaffirmation of assurances we’ve known since 2016. The same Reagan nation-state doctrine that threatened America’s domestic and foreign enemies of totalitarian bent is held by President Trump, too. To be clear, these enemies are the socialist, communist and Islamic supremacists who will stop at nothing to erase America and our history.

And though President Trump must be held to his campaign promises, the ‘never’ and anti-Trumpers remain allies of our enemies.

Do we still need reminding of this? The Left has no more desire to grow up than its enablers do. The older among them question authority; the younger question reality—neither are more than willing accomplices of a divide and conquer strategy (one that requires their participation in order for it to succeed). Yes, lovers of freedom and liberty: our greatest threats cannot defeat us without the help of seditious, fake conservatives among us.

The main problem today is to kick fake conservatism out of mainstream society. We are in the time of nationalist conservatism, not squishy Bushist defeatism, folks. The Left will keep seeking to use the Democrat Party and its willing accomplices embedded among the Right—the second variable here is the one we can eliminate. And for the sake of our children and grandchildren, there is no other way forward. It’s time to fight.

Compassion without rules is a death sentence for America. The fault to which we’ve been compassionate will surely bury us, if we live as we did during the last sixteen years. And yes, this includes our treatment of fake conservatives who are among (but not of) conservatives.

Those we’re unable to persuade to become an “of” must be marginalized to the extent our laws allow. Prayers and wishes well should continue for them, but the enablement of these quislings must end. After all, what compassionate person gives a drunk a drink?

And what conservative would ever allow the pure to help kill the better? Everything the Left touches it destroys. We must stop the morally narcissistic fake conservative cabal from getting America killed before it’s too late. The path to defeating the Left in our country will stay blocked until the fake conservatives’ influence is removed. It’s high time we clear the way. No other “help” is coming: it’s up to us.


Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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