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(formerly SPAWN – the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network)

Since we have been sequestered at home,
Print book sales are up since the pandemic.
eBooks are growing rapidly.

Now is the time to get great reviews so readers
can find your book.

Is your book coming out this fall or winter or
was released since March 2020?
Get advance reviews for winter releases!

Get your book in front of 2,400+ legitimate book reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and book bloggers

Solve the mystery of getting a book in front of legitimate reviewers. SPAWN has the answers to these questions:

Where do I find reviewers and book bloggers?
How do I get in front of Amazon Key Reviewers?
What do I present to them?

Do I send a print book or ebook?

Feature your book in this service from W&PN (formerly SPAWN),
open to members and nonmembers.

Sign up now and be part of New Releases from…
Deadline for next issue is September 25, 2020

Book must have been released since March
or will be released this fall or winter for advance reviews.

Praise for New Releases from…

“I never expected to receive such an amazing and heartfelt review, and I appreciate it so much.” ~ Chuck Redman, author of A Cottonwood Stand

“WOW! We already received three book order from reviewers in less than 24 hours. Thanks, so much.” ~ Bob Osland, Surepoint Publishing

“I just want to give you a big thanks. I don’t know what I was expecting, but am thrilled about sending my book out for possible reviews…I truly am grateful.”
–Sorel Kaire

“In January  2019, at age  79, I published my first  novel, a memoir called I Slept In Hitler’s Bed. I had no idea if it was marketable. I signed up for SPAWNS New Releases, and received 3 remarkable reviews, the last from Midwest Book Reviews, a 30-year-old organization that reviews for Educational Institutions and Libraries. SPAWN has placed my book out into the universe, and the feedback just as important to me, since it has confirmed that I am a writer.” – Jay Balter

“As much as I am a do-it-yourself kind of marketer, one author can only do so much! SPAWN’s outreach to reviewers got results–one of the best pay-for-help services I ever used!” ~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically

Our mailing address is:

W&PN formerly the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network

1129 Maricopa Hwy Ste 142

PA List

OjaiCA 93023-3126



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