Education rights group promotes student privacy “opt-out” initiative.

Opposition to Common Core Standards

 News Release
There is a new version of the California Opt Out form.
The new version is  131210_1130   (Attached as a PDF document)
Changes on the new version:
The Opt Out form has a new name, “California Privacy Protection Opt Out Form”
So use it like this . . . .
    California Privacy Protection Opt Out Form-  California_Privacy_Protection_Opt_Out_Form_131210_1130 (download)
Defeats Common Core Nationalized K-12 Data Mining Initiative
Polls show that 66% of parents never heard of Common Core; and of those who have, few know what it is.
On the other hand, most Americans are alarmed about spying and sloppy or illegal actions from FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS and countless other government agencies.  In other words, most people value PRIVACY and would like to protect it.
As we hand out these forms in public places, our chances that it will be retained and read are much higher if the thing that stands out the most is PRIVACY PROTECTION.
Our aim is to defeat Common Core, but in California, given the laws that protect privacy, privacy protection is the best way to approach this.
Please remove from your website, blog or whatever, the previous version and replace it with this version 131210_1130 or link to  or
Amended Instructions-  Item 7 on the back side of the form has been amended and now reads like this:
7)      Ask the school secretary or school principal to sign and date; and or to place the school “Received” stamp on each copy of the form. The Opt Out form is an assertion of your legal rights and not an agreement.  The signature from the school is not required to “validate” your demand.  The school signature is only to serve as proof that they were put on notice of your legal rights and that the violation of your rights will be at their own peril.
Other Updates,
Divorced Parents, Custody Battles and the Opt Out form.   According to the senior counsel of the Pacific Justice Institute, our attorneys, there is nothing we can do with the form to avoid ongoing custody battles.  The attorney suggest that the only solution is for the parents to work it out between themselves.  It is advisable that a parent not take a chance if the ex-espouse is looking for excuses to make trouble.
Submitting the opt out form to Los Cerritos Middle School.  A number of parents submitted the California Privacy Protection Opt Out Form to the principal at Los Cerritos Middle School.  The meeting confirmed that the school district is aware of the Opt Out form in circulation and that they have instructed the principals to accept them and honor them.  No parent should have any problem from any of the district schools.
The Next Phase.   Now that the submission of the opt out form is an accepted established procedure (with the event at Los Cerritos), we need to move to the next phase: substantially increasing the number of parents opting out.  Let’s plan on organizing volunteers to pass out the opt-out form at public events attracting families with children of school age and at schools.  Contact the Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley for that.
Two Videos Ready.   The video of the November 6 event on Common Core Data Mining and Privacy is ready and will be uploaded soon.  We now have two videos:  the video of the June 10th event on What is Common Core with Dr. Evers and Dr. Stotsky; and the November 6 event n Common Core Data Mining and Privacy with Dr. Chappell and the president of the Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus.
Best wishes,
Tony Dolz
Email    [email protected]
Tel.       310 371 7500
Editor’s note: This is from “Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley,” an education rights group. They co-sponsored a forum with Conejo Unified School District in June, designed to define what it is and debate its merits. We are informed that the group has decided to oppose it via an opt-out approach which is applicable to Common Core privacy (data collection and assessments) or non-Common Core issues.  They and counsel recently revised their legally vetted opt-out form and are now distributing it county-wide.
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