Election heats up: Jeff Gorell responds to Julia Brownley’s TV attack ad


Jeff Gorell

Statement by Jeff Gorell, candidate for California’s 26th Congressional District, regarding Julia Brownley and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s recent television attack ad:

“It is very disappointing that Julia Brownley and her allies are engaging in a negative, misleading, and deceitful television campaign. Her team is clearly worried and noticing the trend: voters are overwhelmingly supporting Jeff Gorell over Julia Brownley,” stated Gorell.

Brownley’s attack ad is nothing more than a deceptive attempt to distract voters from Jeff’s service to our community as a criminal prosecutor, two-time war veteran, and adjunct professor at California Lutheran University for 10 years.

It is very disappointing that Julia Brownley and her supporters resort to partisan scare tactics in an effort to hold on to power. Her congressional seat is vulnerable and voters are increasingly turning to Jeff Gorell as the candidate they know and one they can trust.

Gorell continued, “Julia Brownley has a history of resorting to attack ads. Her campaign is run by her Washington, DC allies and history tells us that she will continue to attack Republicans and Democrats that get in her way. Sadly, this behavior is very typical of Congress and a major reason why it has become one of the most unpopular institutions in America.”

Brownley is not telling voters the truth. It is becoming increasingly important to set the record straight and distinguish between myth and actual fact regarding Jeff Gorell.

Myths: Facts:
Jeff Gorell is a lobbyist: Jeff Gorell was never a registered lobbyist. For a few years, he was a media and community relations professional. This lie is an attempt to distract voters from the fact that Jeff Gorell is an active Commander in the Navy Reserve, two-time veteran of the War in Afghanistan, respected state legislator, former Deputy District Attorney and teacher at California Lutheran University.

Contributions to Assemblyman Gorell influenced his votes: This notion is offensive. Jeff is an independent legislator who’s votes were always in the best interest of his district and of the State of California. Julia also took money from the insurance industry while in the Assembly. In her current campaign, almost 90% of her contributions have been from outside of the district, and almost $500,000 is from special interests, lobbyists, and PAC’s.

Jeff Gorell voted against women: Jeff supports access and freedom of choice in women’s healthcare. Jeff has a strong record of being an advocate for women while in Sacramento; including advocating and supporting the largest investment in child care and preschool education in California history, voting for the the expansion of MediCal to cover pregnant women, and providing tax incentives to ensure more funding goes towards breast cancer research.

Jeff Gorell would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for preexisting conditions: Jeff has consistently stated that preexisting conditions SHOULD be covered. (See below)


Jeff Gorell in Kabul

Jeff Gorell, a California State Legislator, is candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 26th Congressional District. A Navy Commander in the Reserve and third-generation Navy war veteran, Gorell most recently served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in support of Marine Corps forces in Helmand Province.


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