Election Integrity Project California and Congressional Candidates to Challenge California’s Unconstitutional Election Process in Ninth Circuit

Suit Spearheaded by Non-Partisan Election Integrity Project® California and 13 Congressional Candidates

California (June 16, 2021) – The Non-Partisan Election Integrity Project® California and 13 congressional candidates intend to take their fight for fair and honest elections in California to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

The plaintiffs in EIPCa, et al. v. Weber, et al. (Central District of California Case No. 2:21-cv-32-AB-MAA) are challenging laws, regulations and election practices that have undermined California election integrity, creating an environment ripe for irregularities.  The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit after Election Integrity Project® California collected over 700 sworn affidavits from trained citizen observers which described various irregularities during the fall 2020 general election in California.  The complaint also examines how California laws like ballot harvesting, and last-minute changes like privileging vote-by-mail voting over in-person voting, disadvantaged minority groups.

On June 15, 2021, the federal trial court granted defendants’ motions to dismiss the case without ruling on the facts, paving the way for plaintiffs’ appeal to the Ninth Circuit.  “This is a potentially groundbreaking case that challenges the blatantly unconstitutional election practices taking place in California and increasingly, in other parts of the country” said Linda Paine, President of Election Integrity Project® California.  “Unlike other recent election cases, it is forward looking, seeking to create a fair, honest and transparent election process for all future elections.”  Plaintiffs intend to file the notice of appeal within several weeks.


About Election Integrity Project® California, Inc.

Election Integrity Project® California, Inc. (EIPCa) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public benefit corporation, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3), that works to ensure every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted. For 10 years, EIPCa has trained over 13,000 nonpartisan volunteer observers, while fielding only 5 complaints from election officials. EIPCa has researched CA county and state voter rolls and documented massive numbers of ineligible voters who nevertheless continue to receive vote-by-mail ballots, which will happen in the upcoming elections if action is not taken.  As a nonpartisan organization, EIPCa does not participate in any political campaign, nor does it endorse any candidate for public office.   For more information, visit our website at https://www.eip-ca.com.

About the Candidates

Each of the candidates ran for U.S. Congress in November 2020, in California districts where substantial irregularities and apparent fraud were documented.  They are James P. Bradley, Aja Smith, Eric Early, Alison Hayden, Jeffrey Gorman, Mark Reed, Buzz Patterson, Mike Cargile, Kevin Cookingham, Greg Raths, Ronda Kennedy, Chris Bish, and Johnny Nalbandian.

About Primary Law Group, P.C.

Located in Los Angeles, the lawyers at Primary Law Group, P.C. (www.primarylawgroup.com) have represented many of the world’s largest companies in some of the biggest cases, deals and restructurings in the country.

Please help us fund this lawsuit, we can’t do it without you.


Linda Paine, President and Co-founder,
Election Integrity Project®


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Joy Lucette Garner

We would like to help, and to merge efforts with this group to clean up CA elections. We are currently conducting a statewide exit poll for the Recall Election of Newsom -OnlineExitPoll.com . Over 25K sampled from all over the state so far, and over 98% are reporting they voted YES on the recall. We got this level of participation without advertising. We intend to get participation above 4.5 million in the coming weeks, which will PLAINLY show their votes were NOT counted.

We intend to make all of these voters “co-plaintiffs” as they swear electronically to the truth of their statements under penalty of perjury, and agree to come on board. People are so furious about this recall election, and how OBVIOUSLY rigged it was, that they have zero problem voluntarily disclosing their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., along with how they voted. We intend to publish the results on this exit poll, to include all voters (using a unique voter ID number that only the voter knows) and showing only the ID #, zip code, and how they voted.

This way, anyone who participated can swiftly look up their number to assure their vote was counted correctly, and with complete privacy, since only that voter will know what their voter number is. If there is any problem, they can contact us for correction- and we will know it’s the right person, because only the actual voter will be able to connect their name to the voter number. This system also gives us a method of cross-referencing to assure the participants are legally-registered to vote.

We are wanting to help and support any other groups that are challenging these RIGGED elections in CA. The system MUST be fixed. We believe that this Exit Poll system we have created will fully expose JUST HOW RIGGED IT IS, such that we can challenge the constitutionality of the elections codes that are clearly engineered to ALLOW this level of election fraud.