Election status Tuesday night

Republicans win US Senate, increase House lead; Democrats own California

By George Miller

Nationwide, the Democrat U.S. Senate has fallen to Republican Control. It appears that the Republican House majority grew and Republicans hold a majority of Governorships.

In California, it is a completely different story. Democrats dominate, Republicans are far behind. Third parties are virtually nonexistent.

All statewide races from Governor on down are in Democrat hands or Democrats leading and too close to call. Some were much closer than expected. The legislature will stay heavily Democrat.


Ventura County status ONLY:





Election2014 033

All over Ventura County, campaign workers gatherered to celebrate, commiserate and wait out election results. Picured- 100’s of Rob McCoy’s supporters watch election results, led by VC Supervisor Peter Foy (arm extended) at Rancho de las Palmas, Moorpark. (Photo: Citizensjournal.us)

 The Brownley, Capps, Gorell, Irwin, Williams, DeBlauw, Knight, Strickland and Wilk campaigns maintainewd similar vigils, as did many City Council/Mayoral and other campaigns.



Dist 24 Santa Barbara County and a  little slice of Western VC- Capps (D) over Mitchum (R)

Dist 25. Simi and North – Knight (R) over Strickland, also R

Dist 26- Most of VC- Brownley (D) only slightly ahead of Gorell (R)- too close to call

Dist 30 WSFV- Sherman (D) over Reed (R)

State Assy

37- SB County, part of WVC- Williams (D) over Deblauw (R)

38- Wilk (R) over Fuentes (D)  (huge lead)

44- Central VC to part of Oxnard- Irwin (D) was ahead by 1500 vs McCoy (R) 800 at last look 230 AM

45- WSFV- Dababneh  (D) over Shelley (R)

 Ballot Measures

Prop 1- Water and pork funding- Yes

Prop 2- Rainy day budget fund- Yes

Prop 45- Health insurance rates- No

Prop 47- Criminal sentence relaxing- Yes

Prop 48- Indian gaming- No


Measure A- Yes

Measure B- Yes

Meaure C- No

Measure D- Yes

Measure E- Yes

Measure F- Yes

Measure G- Yes

Measure H- Yes

Measure I- Yes

Measure J- Yes

Measure K- Yes

Measure M business tax- No (Pt. Hueneme)



Oxnard Mayor Flynn and Simi Valley Mayor Huber won re-election.

In Council races, Oxnard’s Carmen Ramirez won re-election handily- 30%, while Steve Huber- 16% and Bert Perello- 15+%(incumbent) are fighting for the sevcond open seat. Aaon Starr trailed in 4th-14% and the other 4 were far behind. Interstingly, 10,000 fewer people voted for Mayor than Council (32,852 as of midnight)

Camarillo Council: Morgan- 18%, McDonald- 17%, Craven-16%, Valenzano- 14%

Fillmore Council: McCall- 43%, Broggie- 30%

Moorpark- Mayor- Parvin; Council: Pollock-37%, Van dam- 33%, Simons-30%

Ojai Council: Blatz- 27%, Haney-22%, Weirick-22%

Port Hueneme Council: Figg-23%, Hensley-23%,, Sharkey- 21%. Green 19%

Santa Paula Council: Procter- 19%, Gherardi- 18%, Crosswhite- 17%, Gonzales, Fernandez in hot pursuit

Simi Valley- Mayor- Hubre, Council: Judge- 30%, Becerra- 24%

Thousand Oaks Council: DeLa Pena- 24%, Fox- 23%, Price- 20%

Election2014 008

Oxnard Council candidate Steve Huber whoops it up at joint election party (him, Mayoral Candidate Bryan MacDonald and Harbor Commissioner Mary Ann Rooney). Event was at a packed house at The  Waterside on Harbor Blvd. (Photo: Citizensjournal.us)


Election2014 023

Oxnard Council Candidate Bert Perello (plaid shirt) supporters gather at Sabor’s Mexican/Seafood on 6th St. (Photo: Citizensjournal.us)

Election2014 012

Oxnard Mayoral candidate and current Councilman Bryan MacDonald is consoled by VC Star Oxnard  Reporter Gretchen Wenner. (Photo: Citizensjournal.us)


Oxnard Harbor Dist: Herrerra, Hodge, Rooney


VC Board of Education: TA1:  Ulrich

Community Colllege TA 2: TA2 McKay

Conejo Bd Education: Phelps- 19%, Dunn-  18%, Andersen- 15%

Simi Valley Unified Sch Bd: Daniels- 20%, Blough – 19%, Litster- 18%, Others- some close


Other school bds- see County tallies:



update- 11/5:

Post-election summary on Good Morning Oxnard Show video


BREAKING: It Has Happened… The GOP Has Taken the US Senate

Election Results: Republicans Win Senate Control With at Least 7

Midterm Elections 2014: Republicans Extend House Majority

Election Results 2014: Republicans Take Control of Gove





George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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